Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crazymama's confessions, epiphanies and random delights

confessions- i ran away tonight. again. i've been very witchy lately. and needed some space.

which led to this epiphany- i miss my free time i got when i went to school.

this all day, everyday mom business wears me out. and Pierce is needy, climbing all over me. pawing me, getting up on my shoulders every time i turn around. no free time to myself. nowhere to go.

i miss school. i liked having a reason to put decent clothes on, and do my makeup. and go somewhere between classes alone. I've been crankier since the semester got out since I've had no reason or excuse to leave or be alone for any period of time without feeling sneaky. and the constant chattering. OH MY GOSH! i have yet to recover from christmas vacation still.

i think i'll finally chill next week once the semester starts. WHOOHOOO! who knew i'd ever be excited about school? i didn't foresee this.

randoms- all of the chain FB things are buggin'.

random that's more fun? i FB in the shower. on my phone sometimes. check my email. catch up on statuses.

i took the kids on a walk around the block today while they rode bikes. the 3 youngest. Pierce was determined to turn left instead of right. left takes him to the park, right comes back around to our house. he REALLY was set on going to the park. we'll go tomorrow. he said he's ready to take off the training wheels, um how 'bout you tackle crappin' on the potty first? tomorrow we are riding to the park. while i walk. it's all great until someone has to potty.

i painted my nails today, the color? Back to the Fuchsia. i messed up this nail (holding up my middle finger) sigh.

sometimes i really dislike self service stuff. self check out, self manicures, self analysis. ;)

Confession? i like conversation hearts. but they have to be the original kind. but soft. and i only eat the Yellow, White and Pink ones. all the other colors are GRODY. well i've been on a quest to find some, and CAN'T i've found knock off sweethearts at two stores. they are GRODY. all fruity, and strong flavored. GAG. i'm unhappy about this. AND i'm thinking this economy is ruining the commercialism of my favorite holiday. displays are scaled back this year, they are late in coming out. and WTH where are my freaking candy hearts?

let me know if you spot them and where, i really like Brach's or Necco kind. anything else is insufficient.

i wonder how blogher picks it's posts to hype, i can almost tell which one is making the cut. every week. last week it was my sidekick misses the sibs, and today it was potty training adventures.

so do you have any confessions to share with the group?

random tidbits?

have you every had an epiphany? do you know what that means? can you used it in a sentence?

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mom2three said...

you are so talented in the shower...haha!
I bet a party store would have those hearts, strange how sometimes you can't find the good ol fashioned stuff anywhere!
Spelling B time:

use it in a sentence:
I am having an epiphany right now.

My epiphany is that I so need a vacation because I am playing spelling b by myself!

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