Saturday, January 16, 2010

Funny Wierd and Funny haha. Crazymama's movie review.

Friday Night i saw Leap Year. the hubs had refused to see it with me stating that you could see the whole movie in the trailer. i didn't disagree but wanted to see it anyway.

so my fave gals and I went. and i LOVED iT! sure it was predictable. and sure you did see the bulk of it in the trailer. but there was more. and it was enjoyable. and romantic. and she wore her heels the WHOLE TIME! trucking on foot for the bulk of the movie. in HEELS. cute ones too.

the verdict was I LOVED IT. my fave gals liked it too.

tonight the hubs and I went out, to Youth in Revolt, i knew nothing about it other than it had Micheal Cera in it, and the fat guy from the Hangover.

parts were funny. parts were weird. i could have lived my life without ever seeing it. and won't be seeing it again. i wouldn't recommend it to a friend. i won't rent or own it. it was pretty funny for one time viewing. in a crude, inappropriate, messed up relationships way. i cackled more than a few times along with at least 4 other people in the theater, then everyone else laughed at those of us that cackled. but it was more funny Weird than Funny Ha ha.

afterward the hubs agreed that he probably would have enjoyed Leap Year more, because it's not even his kind of humor. but it was his pick so we went to it, and he liked that he knew nothing about it, and had no expectations for it.

so there we are, Crazymama's movie review.

Note to self: movie popcorn is not your friend. don't eat it. RESIST the popcorn.

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andrea said...

Not much to say....just wanted to point out the fact that as I scrolled down reading this post, i glanced over and saw that I was #126,000 on your count tally. I thought it was funny that I hit an even number with all those zero's, and funny, because I think mine hit 20 about two weeks ago....I think it hit 25 yesterday! ;) (Just kidding, but I will never see that number on mine! You ARE popular!)

mom2three said...

I think Leap year looks cute but I have a hubby like yours that won't see it.
Movie popcorn is the worst...actually healthier to eat a whole chocolate cake I think. A news show did a special on movie popcorn and it was like complete hydro oil...yikes. So I am with you resist it!

Laura said...

I saw leap year too. I did like it just didn't love it.

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