Saturday, January 9, 2010

good times with my ladies also known as Tales from the Reluctant Hostess...

this afternoon i was dumb enough to go out to lunch on bunko day.

leaving me -frantic. crazed. scrambling to get it all done.

it seems i miscalculated all i needed to get done. and procrastinated too much.

but even with all that in the end, bunko at my shack was delightful.

i'm SO GLAD it's over.

only 11 months until i hostess again in this group.

but i have 6 months until i hostess in my other one.

not bad. so i won't start panicking yet.

so you want the details?

we had Pizza and salad for dinner. (the hubs had to go to 3 places, it seems every pizza place was packed and the wait was forever.)

the usual beverages. the nectar of the gods, diet coke, root beer and water.

Tam's apple crisp and ice cream for dessert.

i actually won in the roll off for High score. meaning i got to pick 2nd which never happens when you hostess at your own house, i was fully expecting a door prize.

sorry about that roll off Tammy.

but yay me.

so i picked a FABULOUS grey pearl necklace and earring set. that is SO ME!

the prizes were a variety of items that caught my eye, or tickled my fancy if you will.

3 different necklaces some with earrings, 2 bath and body works items, one giant set and one perfume/ lotion set with a CD. a silver tiered cake plate. and 6 cute valentine door prizes. 2 of each kind.

hostessing is always nerve wracking for me. i just can't relax and enjoy myself. but it was fun by the end. and i'm way glad it's over.

after we were done rolling and the prizes were passed out and dessert was over, we played some band hero . which was DELIGHTFUL!

I love hanging afterward with my ladies.

Then Lindsey did a jig, and her fancy side kick thing. i even got it all on video.

I'm not posting it though because at one point i snorted while recording. and i laughed so hard i had tears running down my face and smeared my mascara all over.

good times with my ladies.

it was funny after everyone got home we got on FB and commented back and forth. like we didn't get enough of each other in person?

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