Sunday, January 31, 2010

Horrifying thoughts regarding the impending reality of having teenagers.

Tonight at the in-law function, the subject of the first kiss blog post came up.

age at first kiss came up.

so i divulged that i was 13 (or was it 12?)

i honestly can't recall.

But i remember who, i recall he french kissed me, it wasn't a slow seductive nice kiss.

it was it was wet and sloppy and not .good. at .all.

and i broke up with him the next day. i was so shocked and appalled.

(remember i told you i found him on FB by accident last week and didn't friend him?)


i was telling the hubs this later when we got home since he'd missed the conversation.

his reply was..."you realize Liberty is only a couple years away from being that age?!"

(horrifying thought there!)

while my internal whiny voice was saying...

but ,but, but, she's only 10!

to which the logic in the math told me that yes. that's just a few short years away. {{SIGH}}

my reply to that was, "well she's not a hussy."

(meaning a pathetic little girl with no self esteem seeking male approval in inappropriate ways.)

that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

she may be only a couple years away from that age, but she won't be like me.

she's confident.


She has it together.

and I'm hoping with FINGERS CROSSED, no one tries to kiss her when she's 12 or 13.

now Joy on the other hand, i worry about.

not that she's not confident,because believe me she is.

she's also all sorts of romantically inclined, and has big ideas already. sigh. SCARY!

keep your boys locked up. she'll be the one pursuing the kisses. ACK! at least we have a few more years with her before i really have to worry, right?

I'm hoping boys don't get these crazy ideas about kissing my girls. GAHHHH!

why can't they stay little forever?!

the subject of teenagers came up tonight too.

um I'll only EVER have 5 teenagers at once. isn't that the most horrifying thought EVER!?!

and i thought having all those little kids at once was scary.

little did i know.

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mom2three said...

Wow, teenagers! "sigh"

That is pretty funny how you think one will be more boy crazy than the oldest is 5 so I don't think I have her 100% figured out, except so far she is a lot like me which means she will be mostly tomboy until about 14 and then I am in trouble!

Jenn said...

Yeah you just made me think that its all coming too quick. OY--- what are we going to do?

onehm said...

Well gee, Crazymama...thanks for the shock of horror first thing on a Monday morning.

Heather S. said...

All I remember is that I was in 7th grade. (What ever age that is.) I hear kids kiss and hold hands earlier than we did back then. What a scary thought. My oldest is already trying to do things just to please boys. That appalls me too. Oh, what fears you've placed in me now. Yikes!

Ruthie Girl said...

People try to belittle the work I do now by saying what until they are teenagers. I think it is pretty hard now.

NE-way, I will have 4 teenagers at the same time, and I worry about the food bill. We already spend so much!!!!

Can't wait til the taxi can go into Raea's hands. Shuttling sucks.

Kimm said...

I went to one of Keri's classes and she said 10 years old is the average age of a child first sexual experience........YIKES! Food for thought.....It makes me sad that these kids grow up WAY TOO FAST in more ways then one.

CassiB said...

haha, sound like my first two. the first i'm not so worried about. #2 well she is already talking about kissing, and who she wants to kiss, and how romantical things are!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I do not look forward to any of that either!!!!

andrea said...

Five teenagers. At once. In one house?

Bless you Crazymama. Bless you.

We are so in the think of it right now at our house. I. hate. it. I can't even begin to tell you the depth of my fear for this girl. She hasn't even been taken out on a date by the latest boy, but already making out with him. Hello?!!! Apparently all the morality and standards talks she's heard have been deemed as not applying to her. Help me!

sherry said...

I am bribing my girls not to kiss until they are 16. It worked for some friends of mine. Crossing my should feel special because you are the first blog I am commenting from on the iPod;)

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