Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm that lady, you know, surprisingly hip...

I just have time for a quickie today.

i confess i enjoy a quickie but that's neither here nor there.

onto the topic at hand.

So i started my new semester today

I'm almost the oldest. (there is another guy in my class who is like 40 something from last semester)

it's a hybrid class. meaning it's in class with in person teaching and online homework, quizzes and in class online tests.

i was dismayed by the fact i can't use my fancy graphing calculator for tests. i need to get a cheesy scientific calculator. lame. and i'll have to actually know what i'm doing instead of relying on my calculator which was my master plan.

I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO PARTICIPATED. i asked a question. i answered 3 answers.

I'm that lady. the overeager one, who doesn't shut up. AWESOME.

when i told my teacher after class "my situation" meaning my responsibilities to 6 kids that might crop up on an emergency basis, well, she wrote it down and said i was
"starting with Quite a handicap already".

AWESOME! thanks for that vote of confidence lady!

there is a boy from my ward(church congregation)/neighborhood in my class. he shook my hand and i won't be shocked if he busts out and calls me "sister ___" .


Best part of the day? getting a call on my cell from Liberty begging me to bring her Violin to school . I texted the hubs who in turn delivered it.

**Sigh** just getting a call from the school for unknown reasons when I'm unavailable to answer the phone, causes me mom stress. it's only an hour and 15 minutes.

oh and last week someone at bunko said i was "surprisingly hip" because I'm semi fashionable and on FB . you know considering, which she didn't say, because I'm Old (ahem only 32) and have 6 kids.

well i have loads to do but Pierce wants to play guitar hero with me, so I'm off to do that.

have a rad Tuesday.

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sandi miller mmphotography said...

You are so brave to go back to school...you know, considering....

haha, just kidding! I couldnt' do it with 6 kids and life on top of everything else, so KUDOS to you, Sister...

Janeen said...

You are so brave! What boy is in your class as school? Just curious.

P.S. You are way hip...even if you do have six, SIX, kids!

Wendy Phelps said...

Young at heart, babay! You are such a spring chicken compared to us real oldies. Look at me... I will be 40 in less than a year!

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