Monday, January 11, 2010

Pierce has a mohawk

Pierce just came up. found a picture on my desk.

Then asked/stated ," this is Pierce?!"

i looked and said "No, that's peyton."

Pierce said ," him have mohawk like me?"


I figure sometimes i think Pierce is so cute because he is talking so much. finally talking after a rockin' speech delay that landed him in special ed preschool, he's finally talking up a storm.

he told me today "look mom , i have pockets!" which is a great sentence. then he found a little rock(piece of sand in it) which he was very excited to show me and talk about.

Pierce can officially climb up and turn off the alarm in my room now. Ahhhh, Nice. another one trained right.

and the best for last. as the hubs was droppping off the big kids at school today Pierce announced " them retards" nothing funnier than hearing a kid with a speech delay insult someone else like that. of course i turn away to laugh with the hubs over it.

yup i think he's cute.

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andrea said...

Very cute....and funny! My apologies for laughing at non-PC moments, but that's how my sense of humor rolls! Thanks for sharing! :)

mom2three said...

freakin fabulous! Love mohawks!!!
Be sure to check out my blog today I am giving your blog an award...

Cecily R said...

He's your apple. I love that. :)

I am having this weird love affair with Evie and her speech. It makes me laugh and grit my teeth at the same time because she's also discovered back talk. Little stink face.

tammy said...

He is cute. I seriously laughed at the retard comment.

Amy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who trains her kids to turn off the alarm clock. And the retard comment? Halirious!

crystal said...

"Them retards???" Holy shnikees! Hilarious!!!!!

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