Monday, January 11, 2010

unfounded anxiety about the process

So today was parent teacher conferences.

OH MY GOSH! i was stressed about them. why? i dunno. seriously they are all pretty good kids. smart, moderately well behaved.

one teacher in particular intimidates the HECK out of me every time i talk to her. and yet on conference day she's all lightness and humor. which makes me wonder if she's hopped up on something?

but the thought of going in and seeing this intimidating teacher knowing that my child opts out of his homework, and is tardy regularly. i feel like I'm the child again, and I'm going in for a scolding and after school detention myself.

then i get there and she's nice. and says that he's doing pretty well. and i wonder WTH?

what is she on?

So, for journally sake. the breakdown.

feel free to skip this part. hate to sound braggy.

Peyton- got straight A's . is getting awarded for math masters and B.U.G. club for bringing up his grades from last quarter. he's doing great in band and his conference takes all of 3 minutes and that's if i stretch it out , he does so well. he was stoked about his straight A's.

Liberty -got Straight A's again. and is a pleasure to have. she's tardy often but she always looks great. (yeah that's why she's tardy doing hair for 3 girls takes time) every percentage she had was in the 90's and one was 104% because she takes every opportunity to do extra credit.

and to think she used to be behind in reading. a little meds for ADD and she's excelling. what a huge difference that makes. and seriously why struggle to cope and feel inadequate, when just a little bit helps so much. I'm a huge advocate for medicating for ADD. after suffering my whole life feeling inadequate and not smart, finally discovering I was text book ADD/ADHD. seriously? no one should have to suffer and feel like that. sure i learned to cope in some ways but seriously i know i could have had a happier school experience if i would have been treated and given that advantage.

i'll step down off my soapbox now and back to ...

Paxton- doing great. all 3's and 4's and is doing awesome in speech, ( i fully expected him to be kicked out, but he isn't yet) got poorest scores about participation in class, and turning in homework. we'll work on that. tardies yadda yadda.

Joy- is doing great. of course she rushes and has crazy penmanship. otherwise she's fine. She's got a flat stanley she needs to send out, anyone wanna host him?

Hope- is doing pretty well, She improved tons over this quarter but she can be inattentive and acts kinda babyish. she also only does her work when she feels like it. I'm considering holding her back for another year in Kindergarten, she's got a late summer birthday and might benefit from another year. we'll see how the rest of the year goes. her teacher didn't say she thought she needed to be held back but Hope seems like such a baby, and apparently acts the part at school sometimes. AWESOME! also, i'm wondering if she's not slightly ADD.

seriously? anyone agree with the theory that ADD/ADHD is genetic? holy crap i never guessed that 5 maybe 6 of them would have it. and no i'm not talking Hope i KNOW pierce is, it's just a matter of time.

anyway. glad that big event is over. I'm thinking dad can go to Peyton's ELP conference on Thursday. 5 to 1 ratio rad. he gets off easy , that is if he ends up going.

otherwise, i hit coscto alone tonight. and i really need to get to bed earlier.

Do you have stress over conferences?

any intimidating teachers?

thoughts about being the youngest in class VS the oldest?

any tales of success after diagnosis and medicating for ADD?

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Ruthie Girl said...

I get nervous, but then I think of the teachers. They are just little kids doing their first job after college.

I think my oldest boy has ADD. It is so frustrating I want to cry. I try so many techniques, but nothing works. Oh, but he definitely doesn't have the HD part. He will stare and do nothing for hours. It would be fun to have him and Hope together in school.

Wendy Phelps said...

Kent has some friends in Korea. I can get addresses and you could send Flat Stanley there. Otherwise, the only other person I know would be Kent's sister Tara in Ohio. Her husband is in med school back there and she would think it was hilarious to host Flat Stanley.

Rebecca Irvine said...

I am going to Denver Thursday... does Flat Stanley want to take a skiing trip?

Patrick is young for his class and I worried a lot about him. It has worked out though. And I like he will have a whole year of college done before his mission.

mom2three said...

It sounds like they all went really well. I whimped out and did a phone conference with my daughters teacher...although it was quick because the second the phone rang everyone began fighting.
It will be interesting when I have all 3 in school, Ill have to do what you did and schedule them one right after the next.
My 5 year old is a little hyper but only seems to be that way at home at school she is an angel...why is that???

Cecily R said...

I hate hate hate SEP week. I'm so easily intimidated that they make me cry and I've never had a bad experience in one. How lame is that? I just got the paperwork for ours (the first of February) and I have a stomach ache already. LAME.

jayna said...

well, i would be more than happy to host flat stanley... you just let me know!!

sounds like all the kiddos are doing well!! and you made it through. ;)

going to go read the last 5 of your posts.... i've been BUSY.

Leslie said...

I am still stressing out, I have 3 visits today and the other "fun" one tomorrow. I wanted Jeremy to go with me for that one!! And like you say, some of them intimidate me and then I get there and they are super nice. I will be glad when they are over, thats for sure!! Glad you survived yours!!

sherry said...

Add is definately hereditary. And often hits the smartest the hardest. My dad had ADD and 3 of my 4 brothers do. My dad was one of the top probate attorneys in the state, and two of those three brothers are attorneys now too. Top of their class, law review, etc. Sounds like your kids are similar. It is so nice to have the meds and other tools to deal with it now. And I am a big advocate of keeping children back, regardless of how well they are doing scholastically. I think they do better socially and emotionally when they are not the youngest in the class. (my b day is sept. 28th. youngest in class. hated it)

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