Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rule of smart moms # 354

Yesterday i took this kid shopping after i got home from school.

he bought Diego underwear , Diego had a skateboard.

it was very exciting.


so exciting in fact, that he fell asleep on the way home. clutching his bag containing his underwear and clearance soccer ball.

I drove around leisurely and ate my lunch in the car.

Rule of smart moms #354- don't wake sleeping toddlers to go inside if you don't have to.

we also bought these dresses for the girls.

(prepare yourselves for the wonder of more camera phone pics, i REALLY need to hunt down that charger)

remember my dismay at the difficulty of hunting down matching dresses for 3 girls?

forget it, i found what i was looking for and MORE.(there is always more don't kid yourself)

this one x 3


plus it came with a matching doll dress.

in a perfect world I'd find red cardigans and red mary janes to go with them for Valentines day. there are hearts and flowers in the print.

and these +1 more


yeah i found one for each of them.

(imagine fabulous accessories. and cute shoes. because i think they need both.)

my sidekick preferred the polka dotted ones.they were so cheap we can afford to keep both sets of dresses. for the 3 girls.

you are welcome to be impressed. or not.

I always feel so successful when I've managed to find 3 matching dresses in the right sizes.

if i get a good deal it's even better.

and there we are. a rule of smart moms and a quest completed.

now I'm off to get ready for school.

I'm exhausted today.

maybe I'll tell you why later. maybe i won't.


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Rebecca Irvine said...

I LOVE those dresses!! Can I ask where you scored them?

CassiB said...

i was going to ask the same thing. so cute! at first on fb i was thinking you were trying to choose between. i may buy the girls Easter dresses this year, the Christmas idea didn't pan out, they are still sitting, incomplete and i have no desire to finish. blah.

the haynie's said...

way cute! I want a red sweater and red mary Janes for Maria Hannah if you find them... call me so I can rush over ;)

Wendy Phelps said...

Those are super cute! Now you gotta tell us where.

onehm said...

:) Love the dresses.

mom2three said...

cute dresses!

andrea said...

Those are adorable! Well done supper-shopper. :)

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