Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Really it's me , not you. i'm going to have to end this....


for the uninitiated in mormon mom speak, that's OH MY FREAKING GOSH!

Dear Bejeweled blitz-

i hate to break it to you, but we have to break up. really it's me, not you.

yes FOREVER! no you can't lure me back in to sneaking in hasty games on the down low, sucking me in by flaunting bling. My high scores just aren't enough anymore.

this is forever this time. i thought i was over you but you recently sucked me back into our love affair, and well, i just don't have time for you. I'm in school and need to focus more on my homework.

i'll cherish my ultimate high-score medal forever.

affectionately yours,

♥- me


also I'm going to have to take a break from my ongoing relationship with Facebook.

while I feel remarkably validated from my adult conversations, and the interactive quality of the chatting, messaging, and funny status updates, it's a HUGE time suck.

THEN some people actually encourage me to read a book or go shopping instead of doing my homework and right now, i need focus, not distractions. so I'm afraid it's time to take a break until i can get my stuff in order and get some balance going on here.

what brought this on you ask?

i bombed my first math test.

yes. i did.

FAILURE, I'm a failure wahhhhhhhhhhh(imagine wailing, weeping and carrying on)

really i was unprepared in more ways than one.

1.i forgot my cheesy (not fabulous graphing) calculator. so i was reduced to using the computer (accessories) calculator, breaking it all down and was lacking some of the necessary functions i needed. and let's face it all my math skills lie in my ability to use a calculator.

2. i hadn't even done one assignment, or the quiz preceding the test. that's 8 sections that were poorly explained by the QUEEN of confusion causing math teachers. sigh. and no prep or review on my part.

3. i can't seem to grasp the stupid questions the homework/tests wants me to evaulate. not solve, just evaluate. the ones that i solved at the wrong times. plus i never seem to simplify enough. GROAN.

it brought about a realization that HOLY CRAP! if i don't get my crap together i will not get an A in math. and seriously? i want the freaking A.

also, i said i might explain why i was exhausted. well, here goes, yesterday i was helping Peyton with 2 separate ELP projects(a map of Antarctica , and a research paper on spontaneous human combustion)

then Paxton had a 14 page homework packet (sure it's for the week but he's now grounded until he gets it all done) so he was screaming about the injustice of 14 pages, and whining about the process. it was delightful let me tell you.

THEN Liberty has a market research group today. she had to finish up the 'diary' and make a collage.

plus a needy toddler and figuring out something for dinner which i failed at both, and we didn't finish until 11:30. yeah it was rad.

then my sinuses were killing me and i couldn't go to sleep until the sudafed, mucinex and afrin kicked in. around 3 am.

yeah . best day ever.

so there we are. since I'm on a break with Facebook maybe you could comment more?


oh and tonight i have bunko and a research paper due plus a quiz in Biology i should study for.

um yeah.

i should probably break up with my blog right about now too. i won't yet. but might have to.


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onehm said...

HOMEWORK SUCKS. All kinds. Kids homework especially!!

Sorry about your bombed test. I am sooooo glad that I'm not in school. My mommy brain (with pregnancy ultra-hormone overload) couldn't handle it.

mom2three said...

It sounds like you need a major break! I hate math it was the only class that I didn't get As in but I was okay with that because math just sucks!

they did a study on social networking sites and found that people couldn't handle the responsibility of having 150+ friends...that it was just impossible and overwhelming...well its true when I miss something important that happened to someone that they posted on facebook I feel awful...
Blogging is my free therapy I quit twice for a couple weeks but it actually felt good to come back. I find with blogging that there is a huge support system out there...
I hope things get better, your not superman ya know!!!

Jen said...

Sorry about the math test, that sucks!!! I am sure you will ace it next time!

Carie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
andrea said...

I hate math. I'm sorry, I'm sure that isn't helping you. I hope the facebook break-up helps!

And holy hannah! Your list of kids homework to deal with was longer than your own! Hang in there! I hope it gets better. :)

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