Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tales of Valentines Past - day 3 our worst V-day ever.

what is your least pleasant valentines day ever?

mine has to be, hands down, NO COMPETITION, the worst valentines day ever, the year all 5 of us had the flu.

Me, the hubs, Peyton (3), Liberty(2) and Paxton(1). back when there were only 5 of us.

I'm pretty sure i must have been pregnant in addition to the flu, but still only 5 actual people.

ALL 5 of us quarantined in the basement. Puking our guts out. for a whole week.

my mother in law even brought us a valentine treat bag with snacks, a ballon and little toys for the kids, but she didn't stay. no sane person would.

my Mom and brother Gary (we lived with them at the time , in this house actually) steered clear so they wouldn't get sick.

the hubs and I just sat, ill in the recliner all day holding babies. 3 year olds are babies still when they are sick. it was probably the worst valentines day ever, and yet we'll never forget it.

you're so glad i shared right?

and sadly there are no pictures to illustrate the wonder of that valentines day.


1. who takes pictures when they have the flu?

2. this was pre-blog and before i started blogging i sucked at taking pictures to document anything. it never happened.

Happy Wednesday.

wish me luck on my first major test in biology. I've been having dreams about carbon/hydrogen bonds, and cell organelles for days.

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Rebecca Irvine said...

Rock that test! Good luck.

Sounds like a totally lousy V-Day. Personally, I don't remember any terribly good ones or bad ones. My hubs doesn't make a big deal out of it and so they are not memorable. :-(

jayna said...

that must have been HORRIBLE. i was sick 2 years ago around valentines day (with the flu). it was so bad i sounded like a man and was out of work for a week. blah.

and on that note, good luck with the test!!

mom2three said...

umm ya I'd say that musta been a ick ♥ day!
And ya wanna know something I am one of those sick people that takes pictures of sick people.
Good luck on your test!!

Cara said...

ohhhhh that's depressing! I hope this year is the BEST V-Day ever!

Susan said...

That sucks!

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