Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentines day is a week away. YAYYYYYYYYYY!

i confess I've purchased 4 packages of valentines, for myself, because i like them. each one was more me than the others and well, i couldn't pass them up.

so some lucky people might be getting a valentine from crazymama. if i manage to part with some of them. (hoarder? sometimes)

To celebrate the week , I'm thinking I'm gonna share a valentine story every day this week.

i know! so exciting right?

yeah we'll see how impressed you are by the end of it.

I'm doubting many are heartwarming or romantical so don't worry, I'm not going be all braggy and gushy. because i don't have much to be braggy and gushy about.

hope your weekend has been fab.

I did Lunch today with my mom and sisters for my mom's birthday, then hit sephora and got some new stuff, then i took 3 kids grocery shopping, did some laundry, and went out with the hubs to wingstop and to see Dear John.


(the cookie picture was my dessert at Angela's Tuesday night valentines bunko, so cute and all gone now)

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mom2three said...

I love Valentines!!! I loved as a kid making my cute little decorated box...of course mine was the best..haha!
The cake looks yummy!

jayna said...

the cookie looks yummy....

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