Thursday, February 4, 2010

rad/not rad. lectures and lunch dates

Not rad- my math teacher is probably THE WORST lecturer ever. EVER! EVER!
yeah it was that bad. i super wanna drop the class or not go. it's so bad, i'm gonna go complain formally.

RAD? my lunch date turned out to be pretty great. here's my friend Jodi's picture, it was way better than mine, (you can see mine in the next post)

So this is Jodi, and half of Courtney, and me

Rad we went to Costa Vida and it was fab. love that place.

RAD? I needed to document the lunch date so i busted out my phone, so did Jodi and Courtney and all 3 of us were trying to get pictures of us with our phones. it was awesome.

Not Rad? i have a mega headache from wearing my fab necklace all day. it's kinda heavy.

rad? we also went shopping. more like browsing. but it was a good time.

rad- Jodi's hubs gave me roses for valentines day once back in the day.

not rad- he's never given her flowers ever.

rad- her texting him about it while i was there.

not rad- thinking he's probably not stoked his wife and I went out to lunch.

oh, and he only gave me roses because he was a week away from going to boot camp and wanted a bootcamp girlfriend. I'm pretty sure he only asked me out because he was intrigued by my sweet tongue piercing that i had at the time.

RAD- history is hilarious.

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mom2three said...

I can't believe she texted him that...well she will probably get some flowers now ;)

Carie said... had a tongue piercing back in the day? How back in the day? You know you only pierce your tongue for one reason, and one reason only...I'm just sayin.

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