Saturday, March 27, 2010

i don't stray from what i like.

confession (or realization)I can't branch out from my signature color scheme or i am dissatisfied. and have to try again.

today is my families annual Easter picnic. so yesterday i hit the store speedy fast between the morning assemblies and preschool bus drop off, and got outfits for the kids to wear. because as we all know, i like them to match. this year i did branch out and they are only coordinating.

but still. so i went with one blue polo for one boy, and lime green for another and the 3rd has both colors in a plaid button up or an argyle polo. k. sounds great right.

i couldn't find a dang thing for the girls to coordinate. the one item i liked didn't come in the right size. i had to go with a dress, because Hope hates pants.

anyway. i settled for a coordinating with the boys matching set of dresses for the 3 girls.

brought them home. went to lunch, and once the kids got home i had Hope try it on. and didn't love it.

at all. hated it.

so i hit another old navy. and found even less i liked. so i got my money back, and hit Ross, and found nothing. hit Marshal's and hit the jackpot, wanna know why?

I gave up on coordinating with the boy's color scheme and went back to my signature colors.

FRANKLY, I don't care if joy likes blue. she's wearing black and hot pink. just like Liberty, and Hope. seriously. can't let it go. EVER.

picked them out and now i'm THRILLED. i don't know why i was trying to branch out? it just doesn't make sense.

anyway. i'm sure i'll have pics and post them. i bet you can't wait.

pot luck food contribution of choice? BBQ baked beans.

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My Family said...

Hey why fix it if it ain't broke, right?! :)

Rebecca Irvine said...

I can never get away from my favorite colors either--sometimes I try, but then am dissatisfied. So I don't think you are wrong for sticking with what works.

tammy said...

You're right. I can't wait for the pics.

Daisygirl said...

I agree don't stray from what you like!
I hope your picnic was fabulous! it must be so awesome to get together with all your fam!

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