Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where Winners take Flight!

today was the 5th grade field trip to the flight simulator Peyton insisted Dad went with him, and luckily he took a couple pics.

and last Friday Liberty and Peyton were recognized in the 3rd Quarter assembly.

Peyton was one of 2 winning workers from his class.


plus he's in the bug club for getting straight A's


AND he's a math master for his mastery in timed math facts tests.


Liberty has maintained her straight A's all year so she's still in the Bug Club,


and she's a math master too.


special thanks to Andrea for sending me pics that she took for me of the kids!

it was too funny that Liberty has the routine down, they say her name, she stands up and turns and waves for a photo. Peyton is not as well versed on the routine. Andrea's son isn't either, we both had to laugh about the routine.

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Mamarazzi said...

funny that the kids just know to look for whoever has the camera!

CassiB said...

the flight simulator trip is a fun one, i went with Maddy this year. cute smarty farty kids ya got there =)

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