Wednesday, March 24, 2010

just like in Twilight except...

just a quickie tonight.

apparently if I cook a real dinner (ingredients from scratch) more than 2 nights in a row, it will throw off the balance of the universe . and my kids will be puzzled as to who is coming over.

so tonight it's leftover pasta bar night. still have to make salad and do bread, but it's not a whole meal.


staying up until 3 am to finish my make up assignment on Photosynthesis paid off. I've got 95% in my Biology class now. PLUS i figured out that emailing it early to my teacher rocks because she printed it and graded it before class at 9:30. RAD!

and if you aren't my fan on FB you would have missed this...

during biology today we studied onion root and cell division, it was just like in Twilight except my lab partner doesn't sparkle or want to bite me.

Seriously, the thought made me giggle, and then he demanded to know why. I told him the twilight part, but I left out the Edward comparison. (because that would be awkward.)


the hubs has been super dad this week and went on 2 field trips 2 days in a row. I had class today so I missed out on the state capital with Liberty. Yesterday Paxton picked dad to go instead of me. RIGHT ON! that's why I had time home alone yesterday.

it seems there was considerable amounts of flirting observed going on with my curly haired boy.


my Easter decorations are up and Easter eggs are purchased.

I need to decide what the kids are wearing this weekend to the family party Saturday. of course I should probably figure out what I wanna take to share at the potluck lunch too.

by the way, if you are calling us for any reason, take note we are NOW a cell phone only family.

we got rid of our house phone since we never used it and grew tired of screening our calls on it.
or listening to the 27 messages from the last month because I never checked the messages.

Oh and it was Peyton and Joy that I didn't recognize. his head seems so much smaller without all that hair. and Joy? her hair is darker, thicker, and she just seems older.

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Jen said...

Love the FB status!! And ROCK ON with that awesome grade!!!

Angela said...

That's awesome Julie! You rock! I loved seeing all the before and after shots of your kids...what a good idea! My Grant has curly hair like Paxton. It's darling!

jayna said...

a pasta bar sounds amazing. and really, what a great idea with 6 kids! way to go on the 95%!!!! i love it.

the kids haircuts look great!

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