Friday, April 23, 2010

Learning something new and sharing it.

have you ever wanted to learn something new. so you looked it up online?

i wanted a new look. today.

well for a long while and while i don't have much variety available with my hair. and clothes can only do so much, i wanted to learn how to do EYE MAKE-UP!

yeah i've never been one to use eyeshadow. it's a just a skill I've never acquired. shocking right?

so today . Pierce and I watched assorted make-up tutorials on youtube. all glam.

mostly looking for pin-up + cat eye make-up. here

so tonight i ventured into the liquid eye-liner arena.

this is after i laughed until i cried. i need to get some more stuff and practice. but fun for a change of pace. i ran out of time to define my brows and WOW I really need it. oh well. life goes on.

so how did the the new attempt for something glam go over??

the kids noticed and liked it.

the hubs, thought it was a little dark. but whatever.

and 2 sister in laws thought it was great.

now I'm sort of addicted to watching these tutorials.

makes me wish i had a professional make-up artist to just do my make-up all the time.

anyway. in my search i found THIS GIRL!

holy cow i love her. her tutorials are Great. she's just got this fun energy. I'm addicted.

just watching makes me wanna try all sorts of fun new things and buy lots of make up. which may or may not happen or just play around with the crappy make-up i have handy.

ya know, new look desired and all.


she's got fun celebrity make-up copy tips. and some make-up tips to hide or fix your flaws like under eye circles and um, double chin.

(what? yeah so i have one. get over it! sheesh!)

heehee, like those that know me in real life don't know that already.

yeah they know better than I do. they have to look at it when i laugh and talk.

(i like to imagine myself prettier than i am , think 15 years ago prettier, heck i would even take 5 years ago prettier) sigh.

i think everyone does that.


anyway. fun new looks. i wanna try out the under eye fix. and some more sexy eye looks. just because.

so there you go. I learn something new everyday. and sometimes i share.

at the end of one of her videos she had this... and i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Have a Beautiful are more beautiful than you know, more talented than you think, and more loved than you can imagine.


i ♥ kandee

I'm inspired.

What is something you have always wanted to learn but have been scared to try?

would you consider yourself make-up savvy?

how do you imagine yourself? like in your head everyday? is it your current self? your best self from the past? your worst self? or something in between?

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Piper said...

what a cool blog you found! I have DRAWERS full of make up, from back in the day, before my "mom" job..... I'll be getting those out and try to look like a girl again! Isn't it fun to be a girl?

Audrey said...

I love your blog! It makes me laugh till I cry. i don't do eye make-up because i always end up looking like a hooker (I think I do anyway) and I forget I have it on and then rub my eyes and then I look like a flippin raccoon. I think your looks fab! have a great day. ;)

tammy said...

I'm liking it!

I want a professional to do my make-up and blow dry my hair every day.

Laura said...

Oh my gosh! I am addicted to youtube make up tutorials. I have been meaning to post about my obsession but haven't yet. Anyway the very best by far tiffanyd on youtube. So do a search. You may have already seen her she is popular. I have never seen so many followers on blogs or youtube. If you haven't seen her I just changed your life. Watch out its addicting! I also like Makeupgeek.

Laura said...

Here is her blog but she has even more on youtube. You can link from her blog though.

Wendy Phelps said...

You always look good, but I did really love your eye makeup like that. It was extra glam!

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