Friday, April 23, 2010

Now that is Crazy!

the line up of suspects.
the mug shots....

seriously i wanted to find her some lace gloves and do her make-up.

i totally rocked this look in Jr. High. with my guess bag and pegged pants. HOT!
if i was ambitious I'd hunt down a pic of me and share it. so you can see the delight.

oh and of course we were tardy.
anything over the norm and we are 100% guaranteed to be late.


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Daisygirl said...

Love them! You guys must got to a really fun school!!! I think your oldest boy could rock that hairstyle all the time!

Piper said...

OH! I can still peg a jean! We used to have crazy hair day at school too! Crazy hat day too! Once I had a sombrero and I made a scene on it with my barbies! What a nerd!

tammy said...

Love it! Girl's hair is so much more fun to make crazy than boys.

Susie said...

guess jeans, pegged and that hair...ahhh you're taking me back. Nothing like the 80's!

onehm said...

Your kids look AWESOME!

The Glenns said...

Alright crazymama. I think of you on Sundays, when I have a quiet moment to hide away in my room, and I catch up on blogging.

This morning...headache,
and we didn't even start yet.
Church clothes....not locatable.
I am planning to get killed today.

That's what I'm talkin about.

You have to see Date Night. I wanted to laugh loud and hard, but there were moments when no one else was laughing, so I tried to contain myself. It was irreverant, and inappropriate, and spot on.

Hope it's a good week for you.

Mama T. said...

Love it! It's always a good choice to show your spirit on school dress up days! Nice work!

Amy said...

They look, like, totally awesome!

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