Friday, April 2, 2010

Mingling with strangers


yeah that was a joke. it could have been better if I'd blamed it on the hubs. anyone could believe he'd make me stop blogging.

and yo! next year if you suspect it's a joke, play along. sheesh.

in other April news? i just filled 146 easter eggs with candy for an egg hunt we are going to tomorrow. did you know boxes of nerds don't fit in eggs? yeah. nope and since i hate those we are just going to throw out bonus candy. same with sweet tarts rolls.

I'm going out of my comfort zone. mingling with strangers.
this happens to be one of two parties we were invited to, that both mentioned my large # of children, and we should come.

usually we don't get invited anywhere because of our larger family and twice this year i was invited because we have lots of kids...interesting. i guess it would seem instantly successful with loads of kids there.

you want pictures? if i remember to take some. ;)

should be interesting to say the least.

i've gone out of my comfort zone a few times recently. maybe i'll go into it more later, maybe i won't.

have a FABULOUS pre Easter Saturday!

what is the Easter bunny bringing to your house?

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Scrappy Girl said...

Happy Easter to you and all your gang!

Jen said...

Have a fun day! I am sure you guys will all have fun, and better yet you will look fab!

I was smart and pulled everything out last night and stuffed all the eggs, and filled the baskets so I could see what else I needed, so I am sure I am off to Walmart for the 10th time this week!

CassiB said...

Hope you have a great time! I got Easter out of the way this A.M. woohoo!

tammy said...

We're done. The EB came early to our house. Reese's eggs, Hershey's eggs, jelly bellies and chocolate bunnies. Oh and a game for each and a DVD. Something to keep them busy for this long weekend.

I think tomorrow I'll be putting all my decor away while listening to conference. Jammy church - woohoo!

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