Saturday, April 3, 2010

When crazymama's 6 little ducks went to the egg hunt

She wore this to the Easter picnic/egg hunt

Put on by these FB friends. you've read about Him here and her here.

i'll admit right now i was NERVOUS! because it had potential to be AWKWARD!
but it was fine. we even had an Easter Miracle and were 5 minutes EARLY!
of course that's due to 2 things,

1. James has teased me about being late. so i was determined to prove him wrong.
2. Hope was wide awake talking to herself in my bed this morning at 7 am. even whispering, it was annoying, so i got up. earlier than normal.

we interrupt this egg hunt post for a NEWS FLASH!

(the pics are all mixed up, you don't mind do you?)

afterward we went and bought these for Easter....
aren't they darling?

of course we needed one for each of the kids. we stopped by Grandma's house to show her the wonder. she laughed because the other day when i was talking about going to get chicks for Easter she asked if I'd get a duck or two and I didn't think so.
of course if they are sold out of chicks and you have half a dozen kids with you, what are you gonna do?

you buy ducks.
so we did.

The ducklings names?
Peyton's is Scissor and Pierce's is black and his is named "Pooh ducky shadow".
(he's a fan of potty words)
Paxton's is- "Jumper Paxton"
Liberty's is Vanilla
Hope's named hers- Ming-ming Quack-quack
Joy's is - "ANGIE ORANGE"

OY, if they survive to live to adulthood i'll be shocked but relieved.

they lay eggs too. my grandma didn't eat duck eggs but she baked with them. they have more yolk than chicken eggs. (we'll see how that works out if and when it ever happens).


NOW! back to the egg hunt!

Pierce ran past a bunch of eggs, then said , "i got one mom!"

the get as many as you can deal was lost on him.

Hope was selective about her egg grabbing too.

So that was our pre Easter fun. i told the kids the Easter bunny wasn't coming with baskets full of crap. because we now have ducks full of it.

we might get chicks later in the month. yeah. I'm a sucker like that.

I'm on duck watch duty. and have a feeling i will be for the next few months.

overheard already...

"Mom, the duckies are SO CUTE! have you put them on facebook yet?!"

"Hope you have to BOND with it."

"I'm a great supervisor"

stay tuned i'm sure the ducks will be starring here for awhile.

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onehm said...

All I can think of is all the crap that will come with 6 ducks.
You are such a nice mama. It would NEVER HAPPEN at our house...

Looks like you guys are doing some major Easter partying this year! Awesome.

Lori Belle said...

Looks like a very FUN egg hunt!

Daisygirl said...

The little ducks are adorable! You are crazy though you know that already right?

I love the name ming ming from wonder pets!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday! The pictures were all awesome!

Cecily R said...

My whole family is laughing at Pierce's duck's name (I actually paused AFV to read it to them). That is just plain AWESOME.

And now my kids are super mad that they don't have a mom who buys them ducks. Sigh.

Jen said...

You are one brave (crazy) mama to buy ducks! Have fun with that. Loved your outfit you wore, the yellow was the right one to go with huh?!

jayna said...

looks a fun egg hunt!! and those are some sweet ducks. ha ha ha. you are a nice mama. i don't know if i could do it!! love the yellow outfit for easter.

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