Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i confess...

i don't love the word nice. not the behavior, as much as in referring to something.

that picture..."nice"

this outfit? "nice"

this headboard design i want to copy..."nice"

to me using the word nice is like saying... meh. or yeah that's fine.

meaning it's ok but not AWESOME . or RAD! or NIIIICCCEEE! NICE!

I used to get downright offended at the use of fine in reference to myself or my person.

now nice has become the equivalent to fine.

unless it's typed expressively.

i think so much is lost in translation on the internet. you can't hear the tone of voice expressed.

what do you think?

do you have any words you generally dislike because they are too general or generic?

and I'm off to biology. have a fab Wednesday. i sorta wanted to say screw it all and go back to bed but decided I'm getting up , getting out and spankin' Wednesday into submission.

you should too.

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Leslie said...

Okay, I hate it when people say they are "sorry" but say it in a way that they dont really mean it. I belive you have to not only say it but actually show and try to change to actually mean it!!

angie said...

I know I do. I just can't think of them right now. :)

tammy said...

That's nice.

Just KIDDING! I couldn't resist.

A lot is lost in the translation over the internet. Especially emotions and sarcasm. Some people that don't know me don't know when I'm joking on my blog or a FB comment. In fact, I got into an argument once on FB with some girl that didn't know me.

Susie said...

I use the word Nice sarcastically..My comb fell in the toilet...Nice.
Did someone call you nice? Who?
Words I don't like....Stupid. It's over used.

Kimm said...

I hate the word fine.

Amy said...

My husband used to tell me that I looked "fine" when I had spent the time to get all dolled up and it used to tick me off! We even had a huge fight over it. I want to hear the words "pretty", "sexy" or "hot" when I take the time and effort to get all dressed up.

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