Wednesday, May 26, 2010

rad / not rad birthday style.

Rad- endless Fb wall posts wishing me happy.

Rad-going on a lunch date with the hubs

not rad- not actually getting to go anywhere decent because the 3 year old was on one all day.

so we drove through chik fil A. so classy.

Rad- a birthday wall post from TYLER GLENN! Lead singer of NEON TREES! *swoon*

Rad - fabulous friend messaging him asking him to. and he did! *GIDDY*

Rad-kindergarten showcase where they sang songs they learned all year.

Not rad- the maid coming and the house being a major pit.

rad- leaving to the kindergarten thing, and afterward going alone for a pedicure.

Rad- sister in law delivering a beverage and a fab necklace.

Rad- a pedicure that lasted forever.

not rad- having major sinus pressure and wanting to just go home to load up on allergy and sinus meds.

Rad-birthday cards in the mail.

not rad- a bee swarm in the house.

Not rad- did i mention the bees? 2 hives living in the wall space of my house, one in front and one in back.

Not rad- one hive was africanized.(aggressive)

Not rad- being outta the house for hours while the bees were taken care of.

rad- having somewhere to go when the bees started swarming in the freaking house.

Rad- going to a friends baby shower

Rad- the hubs taking the kids to the drive in. while i went to the shower.

not rad- bees leave a nasty mess when they die.

Rad- the hubs cleaned up the mess before i came home.

Not rad- 200 bucks for the extermination of said bees.

Rad- getting a surprise card from my blog/Fb friend.

not rad- one bestie with severe morning sickness. and another ending up in the hospital.

rad - hitting lunch with some other friends.

here are the adventures - just a few and totally the condensed version of my birthday.

feel free to ask questions. and no i'm not joking at all.

RaD- being able to laugh about it.

highlight? birthday wishes from *SWOON* TYLER GLENN!

brunch at DQ

Fb posts.

breakfast in bed.

cleaned up bees.

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jayna said...

who in the sam hill ended up in the hospital??

bees?????!???!? seriously, 2 hives?

that's awesome about the fb post from tyler glenn. sweet!!

maybe you should come here and go to a concert and then maybe we can meet the band. i may be able to swing that. ha ha ha.

love that you got a beverage and a pedicure!!

Rebecca Irvine said...

It was great to see you last night--you looked rad yourself. Take a few more birthday hours for yourself in the upcoming week to make up for some of the not-rad things that happened on your day.

onehm said...

LOVE your rad/not rad posts! :)
I feel honored to have made the list...and especially to NOT be the one with the morning sickness or being in the hospital!! Poor Jen/Linds!
Birthday Hugs!!


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