Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a red hot mamacita.

Doesn't everyone have pictures of themselves in full cinco de mayo apparel?

growing up in my family in Tempe AZ in the 80's I got to wear the black velvet and my sister had to be the mariachi player.

My brothers wore sombreros and serapes for the school dance festival thing celebrating cinco de mayo every year.

unknown facts about me-

- my dad ONLY spoke spanish to the children in our house. he was Mexican at heart.

-we may have imported our live in maids from across the border. *shifty eyes* (back in the day, not recently)

-refusing to speak Spanish to my dad was my chosen form of teenage rebellion.

-consequently i ♥ Mexican food.

super bonus -

-I can understand when Hispanic males say dirty things to me in Spanish. it surprises them when i turn around and say something rude back in Spanish.

and in this picture, my neighbor and childhood bestie Sarah( i always wondered why she got the pink satin dress) my brother Bruce, my brother Aaron, Me (wiping my nose no less) and my little sister Maria (who had been subjected to one of my most famous haircuts on HER bangs)

now let's put on our dancing shoes and bailamos ! (dance)
yeah check out these hot new shoes Hope made me get.
they may or may not be wildly uncomfortable but they look FABULOUS!

let's Fiesta!

today is the last day of lecture and lab this semester. i have my final on Monday and whoohoo I'm all done.


I don't generally get political but I hafta say... I'm tired of all the debate and crossfire about the new AZ immigration law.

if you aren't from AZ you just don't get it.

so shut the heck up. ;)

don't get me wrong - while in the past I {heart} me an illegal maid.

I stand behind the new law.

now let's have some tacos!

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andrea said...

Love it! Especially that you can tell the rude men off, I'd love to see their faces!

I'm sick of hearing people all over the country bash AZ new law as was, and is needed, I recognize that and I don't even live there! Seriously, it's time to control the influx of people, especially when we seem to be getting a lot of unsavory types...

Have a fun last class day!!! I helped my little boy figure out that there is only 16 days of school left.....then I wanted to cry.....

1happymom said...

I LOVE the shoes!!!!

Melissa said...

Yum tacos!! Wonder how they would taste in the blender!! :)

Amy said...

I hope Utah follows in Arizona's steps. :)

Love the shoes, I wish I could wear shoes like that but my sense of balance is off since they cut that brain tumor out.

I'm making all sorts of mexican goodies for dinner tonight, YUM!

Scrappy Girl said...

Great shoes.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! We just had chicken fajitas and sweet corn cake to celebrate!

Leslie said...

We had Taco Bell for dinner...didn't have time for anything better.

Love the shoes and wish I could wear them but, no can do!!

I support the law aswell!!

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