Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pierce inspired fantasy Faux hawk.

Fantasy hair styles....

this is mine


that's hot right?

hot pink faux hawk. HAWT!


inspired by this person....


i had to pin him down to get a picture together because he was fighting me for my camera. he took a pic of me. you can see he kept getting his fingers in the shot. Photobucket

the last few nights he's been coming in and begging me to style his mohawk. i've been lazy about it and just letting it curl down. apparently that isn't good enough. so at 10ish pm he brings me his styling pomade (yes he has hair product and knows where it is and how to use it) and we style it.

I think Pierce is the COOLEST 3 year old around.

when he's not um, junk punching people.

or complimenting my boobs. "I like your boobs mom!" um pretty much daily he does both.

I'm just glad he doesn't think it's funny to punch mom in the boob like he thinks it's rad to junk punch his brothers.

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Daisygirl said...

haha, love it! Kinda like something about mary meets hot rock mom!

crystal said...

You. Are. Weird.

I say this with love.

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