Tuesday, June 8, 2010

like half a boob worth....

i took the herd swimming today to keep them outta the way while the maid cleaned.

we went to a new different pool.
it is further away but it boasts 2 big slides and a little froggy slide. the kids and I made the trek to check it out.

i discovered about 45 minutes in it was a bad decision. i realized it just as a guy from my math class last semester walked in. CRAP!

just when i least expect to see someone ever again, i run into them, in my swimsuit.

he made a beeline to the deep end.

I had my back turned. i tried to steer clear, and avoid being seen, or saying hi.

of course he spotted me, but i pretended i didn't know him.

i saw him counting the kids. he's the one that could NOT believe I could/would have 6 kids.

yeah. he was one of the older guys (ex-military) in class that wore sleeveless shirts and basketball shorts every day.

but still. i was in a swim suit not expecting to run into anyone.

Pierce had other ideas. with his floaties he could go in the deep end and resented all interference on my part to keep him in the shallow, more age appropriate area of the pool.

he went as far as saying loudly, "i hate you mom. i'm a big kid. i hate you mom. no! i'm a big kid , I go in deep end. i'm not a baby i hate you mom!"

wow, could it get any better?

oh yes.

after a good long while of struggling with Mr. Independence. avoiding direct contact with math class man. I was all set to go.

At that point I had to drag/carry Pierce out of the pool, on the way, my swimsuit folded back on itself and i was flashing more than the average amount of cleavage.

like half a boob worth.


I called the hubs from the parking lot to find out if the maid was gone so we could come home. by the time we got to sonic 5 minutes later , Pierce was asleep.

yeah. it was fantastic.

ok it's your chance to VOTE...

which was more embarassing/lame.

A. running into a guy from last semesters math class in my swim suit.

B. having my 3 year old tell me he hates me over and over because i wanted him to stay in the baby area instead of the deep end (away from math class guy) .

C. flashing half a boob as i carried the unruly toddler out of the pool to go home?

D. all of the above. that's what you get for going to the public pool to begin with.

what would you have done?

we won't be going back to that pool. there wasn't enough to keep Pierce happy in the little area. and too tempting and close to go in the deep end that is connected. besides i don't wanna run into math class man again. ;)

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onehm said...

I'm FIRST??! yay me!
I vote that boob flashing is embarassing.
And running into math guy is lame.

Cherie said...

Sounds like the event filled day! I vote the screaming toddler because after children I have lost all modesty with my body.

Messy Jess said...

ha ha! def. all of the above!

Amy said...

I'm torn between the toddler fit and the boob flash...

tammy said...

Crap. That all sucks.

jayna said...

D. Definitely D.

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