Monday, June 7, 2010

how am i gonna spread the peanut butter, with my fingers?

Pierce wouldn't allow me to use a knife to make his PB sandwich.

which he was demanding i prepare less than an hour after I'd provided hot and ready pizzas for dinner. which he snubbed and refused to eat. hmm.

he wanted me to spread the peanut butter with the plastic spoon but then gave me the mini spreader to use.

later he pinched me with tongs. hard. on the arm. it broke the skin and drew blood. i only took his tongs away, and he started bawling. seriously?

this was AFTER liberty had wailed for an hour because she has an ingrown toenail she refuses to let me look at much less take care of. there was considerable screaming and crying on her behalf that could be heard clear in the office on dad's conference call.

all because i put peroxide on it. the peroxide didn't hurt it was the idea of it that had her screaming. oh and that darn band aid with neosporin. heaven forbid.

this came after liberty had "accidentally" kicked joy in the face. upstairs after dinner.

and then Joy "accidentally" stepped on Liberty's ingrown toenail.

this was after Peyton had "accidentally" kicked Paxton in the gut while playing with a friend out back this afternoon. instant play date over.

this was after Paxton went after Peyton with a broom. (for kicking him off the computer) which scored a week long grounding.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH summer vacation.

prozac can only do so much.

p.s. i got my own fluffy petti skirt.

someone on Fb wanted to see a pic. here you go. this will have to do.


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tammy said...

Cute skirt.

I hate how all that stuff accidentally happens.

Jamie said...

I love the skirt!

jayna said...

i love peanut butter... mmmm.

and the skirt is fantastic... but the pic is too small to see it!!! must post bigger pic!!


onehm said...

A whole lotta OUCH at your house!! :(
LOVE the skirt!

Daisygirl said...

You sure do have a lot of "accidents" going on! Gotta love summer!

Janeen said...

That sounds like my house! I want to see a bigger picture,too!

Tracy said...

Good luck. Summers are hard.
The skirt is "FAAANCY"
Love it

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