Monday, June 28, 2010

remind me again...

remind me again why this is the most rewarding job in the world?


it's hard.

Pierce moved the shoe bins and hid behind one and peed on my shoes.

Paxton had a freaking fit at the oral surgeons office about getting his drain taken out*. and then a bigger fit at the realization that he'll being going to the hospital, being put under general anesthesia again to have a stitch cut and the drain removed.

what should have been 10 minutes in office or less. is now another all day of shiz now. i was patient. i bribed. i cajoled, i made him repeat positive affirmations. still nothing.

I'm spent.

and then he hates me. blames me. and threatens me. seriously?

thanks kid.

so please remind me again why this is what i wanted to be when i grow up because this pretty much sucks. i can laugh about the shoes. the pee. even the irony over the fit and the worse torture of having another dreaded IV instead of holding still and getting one stitch cut and a drain removed.

what bites is the heartache that my kid hates me. or blames me .

what stinks is that i think there must be something more wrong with this kid. is he bi polar? autistic? retarded in some way that i can't see? it's not just ADD. but holy crap. it's not what i expected. and i hoped today would go way better than it did.

and how did i cope? eggrolls and coke. awesome. apparently i AM an emotional eater.


so please. remind me why this is the only job i ever wanted.

because i apparently suck at it.


* yeah i left out the fact that last week we had an abundance of dental drama culminating in Paxton having emergency oral surgery at the hospital. bright and shiny early Saturday morning. screaming fits about the IV. 4 teeth removed (2 bottom adult molars and a 2 baby teeth) and an abscess drained and a drain inserted. all day sleeping off the anesthesia. whining all weekend about the dreaded drain. etc.

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Rebecca Irvine said...

I was told once that if your kids tell you they hate you then it should be taken as a compliment because you are doing your job as a parent. Today sounds like it was hard, but you are a great mom.

Vidal's Nest said...

Somedays I love being a mom and some days I calculate how much it would cost to leave in the night and not come home for a week.
Most days my teen hates me. Whether I do something or not.
Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Guess it's all we can do. Sucks though!

crystal said...

Lookit. If you're staying away from a couple shots of the hard stuff, egg rolls are perfectly acceptable. I have a blogfriend who labels posts like this one "smotherhood."

Perfect term, no?
hang it there!

tammy said...

Well that is suckity. Sorry.

onehm said...

Thank HEAVENS for egrolls and coke, is what I say!! :)

As far as the hating you part...I second what Rebecca said. It's the truth, if they aren't hating you, you aren't doing your job. NO ONE wants to take their kid to the oral surgeon. But moms do it because it's our job. Pretty or not.

jayna said...

because someday, they will recognize your inexhaustible love for them. as kids, their cognitive processes aren't fully developed (as we all know)... and they need you, girl. no matter what comes out of their mouths, they depend on you and love you. and the love they get from you and all the help you give (through the hard and the happy) will be what they remember in the end.

just keep swimming...

much love,

Jen said...

Ugh! Sorry about Paxton! That stinks. Hope it goes better when he gets it taken out. Bunko can't come fast enough!

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