Friday, June 25, 2010

i just walked into the room...

i just walked into the room...and knew he'd been there.

you wonder WHO?

this guy....

who else?

i walked into the kitchen and found bananas on the floor, and peels all around.

he told me you can skate on the peels. just like wow wow wubzy

i said ,"no that's just on TV." and he said ,"YEAH HUH! they are slippery" while he made a skating gesture.


I walked into my bathroom which is just a toilet and a shower, and discovered in the trash, multiple pairs of underwear.

I said, "why are these in the trash? they aren't trash!" upon questioning i discovered he thinks that underwear that gets peed in needs to be thrown away.

of course that misinformation came from my excellent example , because I've always threatened to throw away pooped in underwear, (in fact i just cut them down the sides) .

at least he doesn't try to flush them. (i have a vivid memory of flushing a pair of bloomers down the toilet at the age of 4.)

i informed him of the simple solution called washing them. I'm not sure he believed me, BUT i will see them in the trash since he prefers my bathroom. lucky me.

by the way, i haven't had to change a poopy diaper since Sunday. YEAH. i think he's mastered potty training for the most part, AND he's staying dry in the night in his underwear, I'd know because he's been sleeping in my bed all week.

one step forward and another back.

(here he is practicing his 'inja' karate moves)


we saw Toy story 3 last weekend, and Pierce insisted on correcting the characters on screen that , "his name is PUDDING! i named him that!" and he screamed out loud when the scary monkey attacked, and talked about it afterward.

we also went to Jeepers the indoor amusement paradise . i looked over and saw Pierce doesn't need tokens to play the games....


hope you have a Fabulous fun filled Friday!

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tammy said...

He is a crack up.

andrea said...

So glad you are documenting this! Someday his wife will want to know why her son acts a certain way and you can show her it's because he's just like his dad. :)

Daisygirl said...

Love the pic of just the feet showing through the game!

Super yeah for NO POOP in diapers!!!!

Carie said...

They have special dollar jeeper days in case u didnt know

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