Thursday, June 17, 2010

statused the fat lady

what has my life come to?

Pierce pooped on the potty finally and it becomes FB status worthy.

I picked up Hot and ready Pizzas, and again it's status worthy.

I took a kid to the dentist and resisted making it a status. (mostly out of embarrassment over the amount of work that kid needs).

but i considered a note to myself over making excuses to the dentist for poor genetics for horrible teeth because it was proven in 2 seconds flat that it's poor dental hygiene to blame and i'm a moron for thinking it's anything else. GREAT!

i went swimming with friends. status worthy.

i got a sunburn. status worthy.

it's like a bad joke. so did the fat lady.


i'm surviving summer. statused the fat lady.

I baked cookies for the kids. statused the fat lady.

i had a play date. statused the fat lady.

at least i limit my status to general info, and not every freaking detail.

like i had peaches for breakfast and grilled cheese for lunch it was SOOOOOOOOOOO good. yummo. like anyone gives a rats A$$?

or , imagine this....

Pierce took his first hairy dump in the hall bathroom, he failed to wipe but at least it wasn't in his pull up like everyday for the last 6 months twice a day while he gets lectured to crap in the toilet. he was so proud he went twice, once in mom's bathroom and once in dad's. yay. he got 30 new pairs of character underwear, and a batman helicopter as a prize. wheeeeee!

ya know. sometimes general is good.


what is the worst FB status you've ever seen?

do you dislike the overly informative statuses?

what about the super vague ones where everyone comments "what happened?" and no one responds with details?

well i'm off to status about my overwhelming summer frustration with my kids who talk to much and don't pick up anything. and by the way,

I'm horny.

statused the fat lady! ;)

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Mamarazzi said...

the hubz can status A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G and all of his "friends" comment.

i HATE the vague status updates and then they leave you hanging for days. it's a lame attention getter, and i hate when i get sucked in.

i love the statuses where people share the funny stuff their kids do.

my statuses are kind of lame, and often lengthy but i am what i am...people can obviously click me into ignore.

oh and i HATE when people complain about their kids. All. The. Time. umm how about you count your blessings? there's an idea.

and those skinny bitches who say stupid shiz to the gym, need to work off that scoop of ice cream i just hoovered...or, time for a protein shake...or...i just ran 10 miles, what did you do to keep it sexy today! YUCK...shut up!

ok...i feel better!

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec….Yeah, everything you and Mamarazzi said are all fine and dandy. I just have one question. Okay, maybe a few, but all revolve around one central issue: “once in mom’s bathroom and once in dad’s.” If I’m interpreting that correctly, crazymama and crazypapa each have your very own, independent bathrooms that you don’t cross pollinate with? To be clear, by “bathroom,” do you mean bathROOM, or toilet? So in other words, two separate outhouses with two separate chamber-pots? Or one room, but two commodes bestridden by two adults at the same time? Or, one room, one toilette, and one bidet, again bestridden by two consenting adults at the very same moment in time as they gaze into each other’s eyes as they excrete the day’s digested fares? I don’t judge. I just ask.

BTW, I ran 10 miles today.

Crazymamaof6 said...

ok to clarify. i use the master bathroom. the hubs uses the Hall bathroom. Pierce decided that they are to be referred to as mom's and dad's. today. funny he's noticed. I can use any bathroom i want, but very few people use mine. if i'm hiding it's in my bathroom. and i may or may not be doing anything other than sitting on a closed lidded toilet, reading or on the internet on my phone. just wanting to be alone.

Carie said...


onehm said...

I don't like the little people using my bathroom either... :)
Love your status updates.

Dave'sWife said...

Funny and sad i have a FB friend who is in the middle of getting divorced and she chooses to post details of everything she is going thru. It makes me so sad for her:0(

Daisygirl said...

oh freakin yes for poop on the potty! We are working on that he will pee all day but poop has to be done in the pullup! sucks!

Worst facebook status: probably when my Dad joined facebook and said Look Out kids its Dad! Crap ! I unfriended him too aren't I just the best!

Cara said...

Your blog posts make me smile :)

By the way I have changed my blog--

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