Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No! his name is Pudding! I named him that!

a few weeks ago...

Pierce found an old Buzz Lightyear that used to be Peyton's, he found the matching pull string Woody doll and proceeded to name him 'Pudding'.

yes. He was not going to be corrected, his name is Pudding. having never seen the original movies, i let it go.

fast forward to yesterday.

The Boys and I went to Walmart. we walked in and Pierce spotted the summer display area with a large section dedicated to Toy story 3.

he got excited, "LOOK! it's PUDDING! and BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!"

Paxton and Peyton tried to correct him, um no, that's Woody.

Pierce instantly replied, "NO! it's Pudding! I named him that!"

funny kid.

I looked at the new pull string Woody dolls, since ours doesn't talk anymore, and it had new phrases from the new movie.


Maybe I'll find our other pull string woody. we got him back in the day when i had to buy 2 or 3 of everything to avoid drama between the kids. Those were the days, now we don't even bother buying toys.

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crystal said...

Why buy toys when they each have 5 other siblings to play with??!? Better than any toy...

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