Wednesday, June 2, 2010

surviving summer vacation...

ok so? this is the 3rd real day of summer vacation.

Sunday i formulated a plan to help me survive the long days with ALL of the kids home.

and of course, i got as far as making a spreadsheet listing the kids. the assigned day they have for meal planning and helping. and my demands of chores.

this was after i'd lectured on "MY RULES" .

of course it's Wednesday, and i can't recall what exactly the rules are now, besides keeping your hands and feet to yourself, and Um 9:00 bedtime.

the bedtime has actually happened and HOLY COW the last to evenings have been BLISSFUL!

not even during the school year did these people go to bed successfully before 11 most nights.

and yet this week 2 nights so far, EVERYONE has been asleep before 10:30. including the hubs.

i'm sure swimming for a few hours both days has contributed to the success of that rule. and dang it , if that's all it takes , i will face down my fears and don my swimsuit just to have my evenings free and the house SILENT. no TV's blaring, no TALKING, alone, awake and quiet.

of course since it's such a rare occurrence, i am not productive. i just sit, play on the computer and play bejeweled, (we got back together in a healthier less one sided relationship)

so part of my daily deal with the kids is, they each have a set time slot on the computer. they have to get their chore done before they can play and do what I ask after, but no one can kick them off, and no more bickering about "He got more time than me," whaaaa wahhaaaa waaaa crap.

of course that's 6 hours of kids having their time slot. so i'm relegated to my cell phone internet use. but whatever.

we are surviving.

i still need to fine tune the schedule. and the chore routine list. and the menu list. i was a little surprised everyone was peeved they didn't get to plan their day. we'll start that next week.

since we missed 3 days so far.

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Rebecca Irvine said...

I use a spreadsheet menu and chore list too. Although the kids might complain a bit, for the most part they like it because it makes everything fair. They also like knowing what to expect.

Glad to hear your summer is off to a good start!

onehm said...

You are so much more organized than me. And I feel so exhausted after swim lessons that I can't get going when we finish them...
I might have to call you for a pep talk. :)

tammy said...

Yay for alone time! I have to get mine early in the morning. Taylor's still had school this week, but I was just thinking that I needed to have a chore list for the boys once he's out. Otherwise, they'll spend all day on their computers. At least Connor will go swimming and do other stuff, but Taylor really would spend all day on the computer if I let him.

(BTW - your visitor thing lies. It always says I was here at times I wasn't. Does it pick up people that click over from my blog maybe? And what's with the old picture? Where did it get that? funny)

Jenn Toon said...

Good for you!! We made it a week but now I'm off to teach workshops all day for the next 3 weeks. We'll see how much gets done while I'm gone. I have a feeling the evenings will consist of me doing a lot of yelling and ordering them to do what they haven't done all day.

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