Friday, June 4, 2010

Sometimes a Captive Audience is a dream come true.

last night joy was up with an ear infection, this morning her ear drum perfed. complete with drainage.

she wasn't thrilled but once it finally burst it feels better than all the pressure built up.

this earned her a visit to the Dr. alone with mom.

Joy is one of those kids that THRIVES on individual attention. and she LOVES a captive audience.

she wasn't feeling so hot in the beginning, and maybe she was worried about getting her ear checked out, but after the exam was over, she went on and on about assorted topics.

but her focus was on Having babies. career choices and all things grown up.

"does it hurt?"

me: um yeah. it does.

"Well, it's worth it right?"

yup it is. *grin*

"i can't wait to be a mom!"

"who should i marry? I'm not a fan of divorce."

me: oh yeah are you worried about that?

"yeah i used to want to marry ___(name of obsessive crush) but i'm not sure i like him anymore. "

me: don't worry about it so much, you've got lot's of time, and you don't have to marry ___, there are lots of boys to get to know first.

"i can't wait for my first kiss! I wonder who it's gonna be?"


"so when i'm a mom, what kind of career should i have?"

me: i dunno.

I should have said what do you wanna be? instead i fed her the plan i always dreamed of,

your husband can work and you can just stay home and have babies and take care of them.

she moved on though to what kind of job her future imaginary husband would have

"a worker, that could fix roof tiles and toilets, and cars."

again i fed her some fairytale crap about, what about someone that works at a desk like a Dr. or Lawyer.

she added in, or a VET. or scientist...

then she said,

"oh i could be a scientist, that invents plants that make bacon so you don't have to kill the animals to have Bacon. Liberty would love that. I'm all about saving and helping animals."

she went back to the having babies talk after that, she is of the opinion ,

"we need more babies. twins. a boy one and a girl one, so the girls could take care of the girl and the boys could take care of the boy. Peyton almost can change a diaper, and liberty could teach him."

and someday she wants to have 40 babies of her own .

"20 girls and 20 boys. "

she also thought she'd ,

"get the baby a dog to ride on, and a harness thing so she wouldn't have to carry the baby around, it could just ride on the dog."

yep. sounds like a plan.

she kills me.

hope she makes a speedy recovery.

we went out for a Happy meal and ice cream cone afterward.and of course she was concerned

"we should hit sonic first, so we don't miss happy hour"
so she got a blue slush too.

she loves going to the Dr. infact all my kids do.

anyway. that was only 15 minutes in a room with Joy, imagine all day and all night?

a long road trip?

yeah. she's a delight. TRULY!


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Jamie said...

She is super cute!!! I love the things kids think about!

Jen said...

I'll say it again...I love that Joy! I miss seeing her at lunches. She is just too much and too cute.

Vidal's Nest said...

I LOVE having one on one time with my kids.
It is even better when you are with a chatter box that keeps you amused! Grace would be my version of a Joy!
Hope she is feeling better soon! or send me a message on FB with your address! I need to send out your bday gift!

Daisygirl said...

that is one of the cutest and coolest conversations I have ever heard! I could not imagine having 40 though seriously...wowza!

Jenn Toon said...

Leave it to Joy! She has always been the one to record conversations with! :)
Hope she feels better!!

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