Saturday, July 3, 2010

Miss you already


the hubs is on a Vacation. business trip to New Zealand. um yeah sounds pretty vacation-y to me, even if he'll be doing work related things too. either way it's a Vacation from the constant chatter and bickering.

of course anything that can go wrong will go wrong as soon as the hubs leaves.

like a flood in the upstairs bathroom that leaked into Liberty's basement bedroom. AWESOME!

and...the brakes are out on the Van!?! like the light went on, and there was no brake pressure. of course he was waiting for his evening flight in LA to board so i could call and ask where the brake fluid went. and where a flashlight was, etc.

i added fluid. and my brother is coming over in the AM to check it out and fix my brakes. (fingers crossed it's not too crazy or messed up)

anyway. it's looking like i'm gonna have a rough week.

and note to self: getting an A in auto shop in high school doesn't mean much, when i don't know what the heck i'm doing without that nice boy that helped me. ;(


Pierce on the other hand must be worried because he keeps asking if i'll protect him

when i asked what i was protecting him from?

he said, "aliens". and whispered something about dad being at the airport.

cutest kiddie. i think i'll have company in my bed this week afterall.

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Amy said...

Sounds familiar! Every time my hubby leaves, we have some major problem that blow up in my face. I hope it's something simple that your brother can fix!

CassiB said...

all my girls come in my bed when daddy leaves! lol, they are getting so bug it's hard to sleep that way, good thing he doesn't leave much! hope your week gets better, seems it always goes to crap when he leaves out of town.

CassiB said...

*i meant big not bug, duh

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