Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rad/not rad- self analysis

Rad/not rad- i think it's a little funny that everyone seems to know what i have going on at home because of my FB status' but even if they don't comment they take note.

RAD-so when i run into them at random places they all ask how that latest thing is going? this week it's car repairs and the hubs out of town.

RAD- i hafta say, it makes conversation really easy with people that i don't see very often or know super well.

Rad- i analyze things.

not rad- sometimes over analyze . some observations shouldn't be shared.

not rad- occasionally i can be long winded. and overly wordy.

not Rad- 3 kids have been sharing my bed. one likes to sleep sideways and touch me with his feet.

rad-the hubs gets home soon.

Rad- the house just might be clean when he does.

not rad- clean still only if i am a meany /nazi drill sergeant.

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onehm said...

TOTALLY RAD that your hubs is coming home soon...clean house or not. :)

Love your rad/not rad posts!

CassiB said...

rad/not rad are some of my fave posts. yay for the hubs coming home and a possibly clean house! i can't stand kids feet in bed. i don't mind if they climb in after daddy leaves in the am or when he is out of town, but keep your cold clammy or hot sweaty toes to yourself, either option there is ewww.

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