Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"I gulped 'em"

everyone partakes of food and beverages and yet i personally rarely blog about them ,

(unless i'm lusting after my tall dark and handsome Dr friend.)

but today seems as good a day as any to share some food and beverage related tales, and reveal my new

best idea ever for a filling after swimming snack.


sometimes i believe Rockstar is the survival beverage for tired moms.

tonight, i might have chugged a Rockstar energy drink between my neighborhood grocery store on the corner and my house.

at 10:00 pm no less.

i'd been tired enough to fall asleep after dinner watching a movie with the little kids. but had to get up to drop one off at a sleep over. and then had to get cat food.

i was in a zombie like state and knew it was going to be a long night...since Pierce also happened to have just woken up from an evening nap.

i walked in the door to find Pierce had a bag of brownie mix open and the measuring cup out and the beaters for the mixer all on the counter. he'd apparently begged Liberty to help him bake brownies.

when he wasn't looking i threw away the bag. shhh, don't tell, he won't look under that pizza box to discover my disposal method.


a few minutes later Pierce brought me a handful of cherries. he gave me exactly 1 and kept the rest for himself.

i ate mine and he ate one too, when i noticed....he didn't have a pit to throw away?

i vaguely recalled him making a conspicuous gulping sound.

i asked where his cherry pit was? fully expecting to find it on the floor or table in a cherry juice covered mess, he responded with, "i gulped 'em".

i told him , "you can't swallow the pit, you have to spit it out and throw it away".

"NO MOM i can gulp them, down my throat, it tickles."

i lectured a minute longer and he handed me the rest of his handful, probably figuring it was just too much effort for that little bit of fruit, so he asked for an apple instead.


he moved on after that to asking for churros. they taste just like the ones at Disneyland. and come in a big box from the bulk warehouse store. sugary coated goodness.

i ♥churros.

so we put some in for a late night treat.


and then....

Pierce started smooshing mini cheese crackers with the garlic press. i caught him licking them out. since they were nothing but crumbs. NICE.

oh best idea i ever had?

i put a pan of rhodes rolls out to rise and left for the pool with the kids, when we came back they were all set to put in the oven. i only had to preheat and then WHALAH!

we had a delicious after swimming snack/easy dinner.

salad, left over pizza and rolls with jam.

oh and homemade chicken salad for those that partake.

heavenly. easy dinner.

you'd think Pierce wouldn't be hungry but that kid is always looking for something to eat or something to make/bake.

well my churros are done i need to go sugar coat them.

Do tell....

what is your best easy dinner trick?

what do you feed your starving kids when you get home from the pool?

and just in case you see me in the next while in person, don't be surprised , because yes, i am getting very tan. ;)

darn it, he brought me the cherries again.

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Rebecca Irvine said...

I do the rhodes rolls trick during church--set them out before, come home and throw them in the oven. If you put a roast and veggies (potatoes, carrots, whatever you like) in the crock pot too then you pretty much have your whole meal ready when you get home.

CassiB said...

haha i gulped them. awesome! bet your glad not to change those diapers, eh?
i wish i would have known the wonder that is rockstar years ago! would have come in handy many a time!
it's crazy how starving they get after swimming. i usually stock up on the onsale treat at the store so it varies week to week. right now it's popsicles, they were 88 cents at fry's for the holiday and i stocked up big time.

jayna said...

for an easy dinner? i employ the crockpot. i've got a few recipes that are amazing!! but since its just me, all of my dinners are pretty easy...

and since i don't have any kiddos... my favorite food to eat after swimming is cafe rio. mmmm.

please post a picture of you and your dang tan.


Laura said...

Chicken salad recipe pretty please! I like the roll trick. My kids come home from the pool or water park starving. If I am not careful its like mice ripping open every package in site!

Kathy said...

i would have known the wonder that is rock star years ago! would have come in handy many a time! it's crazy how starving they get after swimming. i usually stock up on the on sale treat at the store so it varies week to week.

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