Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pregnant and Fat- a big mama with a big family.

Sometimes I wish there was a website or blog that talked about the wonders of pregnancy for the Big mamas of big families.

What about Big mamas that are just getting bigger? (pregnant fat ladies)

I mean really, there are websites aplenty for-

  • first time mom's.
  • moms of multiples.
  • tips for mamas having their second babies and how to prep the siblings,

but seriously?

what about me?

What about mama's with 6 other kids at home?

What do say when the kids start asking where they will go when you are gone getting the baby cut out of your stomach and making requests.

There isn't anywhere on the Internet telling ya how to deal with morning sickness and get 5 kids out the door to school, but wouldn't it be nice to know?

What about info for FAT mama's -we get pregnant too and's really hard to be remotely cute, prego , already over sized and still feel good about yourself.

DISCLAIMER: Now if someone wants to say fat ladies shouldn't get pregnant? Well, get over it and keep it to yourself, because it happens and let's not be rude here to the blog writer.

With issues like... you are FAT {always} and by ten weeks people are expecting you to be 5 months along because they heard you are pregnant and you look pretty round.

you ask your kids..."do I look pregnant to you?" and they answer honestly..."well, you look pretty much the same as always." read: FAT.

That's fine, You can take that, but later in the day....that cute ruffle shirt you've worn hundreds of times , it was even flattering and almost slimming before, doesn't fit right?

WTH? {why the heck} are those ruffles on the bottom sticking out weird and not camouflaging and drawing the eye up and away? Suddenly from your angle looking down, you look prego. whether you actually do or not to other people is a moot point but WTF? {what the freak!?}

You asked the hubs, told him what the kids said about pretty much being the same. and show him how this shirt suddenly fits stupid...and he said,"well you are sticking out up here a little more." THEN...wouldn't that mean...You might look more prego?

Sure there are those in between weeks where you don't look totally pregnant, buuuut, you don't look like your regular self.

FYI-Fat ladies with large families have this happen way earlier than first, second or 4th time mamas.

Most people wouldn't venture to guess or say anything, afraid to mistakenly ask and be wrong about a pregnant woman, conversations go like this more often than not..

'I heard you are pregnant...Oh, you are only___weeks?' huh.
In their mind they are thinking ...'WTH? a. who tells that early? and b. if she's only __weeks along why is she already biggerr than me and I'm done next month?'
or sometimes you can tell they think...'Ha, she's that big already? how huge is she gonna get?' "

(At least that's how I feel. )

A website for fat pregnant ladies would cover those issues and more.

Covering topics like-

-How to camouflage and slim a pregnant belly when you weren't slim to begin with?

-What to do when your double chin becomes a triple dipper?

-You couldn't see your feet before, so now what?

-Finding decent plus size maternity clothes- disappointment doesn't begin to cover it.

- Dealing with the dunlop post c-section, and the eternal vaj-omach.

-Everyone is on a diet, you were already the elephant in the room, and really can't do anything about it for another 9 months, How does that make you feel?

-Round ligament and sciatic nerve pain...already?

- Being Super sized and Stretch marked-Do you dare? Maternity shoots and belly shots- Of course every thing is cuter when you are skinny.

A blog for "Mamas of Many"- important insight for mothers with more than 5...

would cover topics like-

-How to explain about another one, when the majority of the world thinks you have too many already?

-"YES, we have cable", and other replies for people who constantly say..."haven't you figured out how that works yet?" or "You've got your hands full".

-Do you tell strangers or friends about the one on the way , or keep that to yourself as the herd runs laps around you?

-How to get a decent nap while 3 kids are jumping on the bed?

-How to deal with the "ewww factor"- once your older kids know where baby comes from/how babies get in there, now you are pregnant and just gross for 'doing it'.

-What to do when the thought of buying a crib/car seat/stroller for the one last baby feels like a waste of money? Do you go for quality or the cheapest thing you can find since you won't need it again after this?

-Should you try again or quit while you are behind? Wanting just one more of the opposite sex than what you are currently pregnant with.

-How to get people to stop asking "HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?" and Are you done yet?

-The wonder of morning sickness and how that effects the other 7 people in your household.

so here I am - Pregnant and Fat- a big mama with a big family. stay tuned this could get interesting.

maybe I'll cover these topics and GO there, let's be real I've been down this road before.

how to get people to stop -

asking if you are done yet? React with "you are pregnant again?" or say" you've got your hands full."

tip #1- when someone asks how many kids you have, you answer with -JUST __(insert # of kids there) followed by a wink and a smile. The just indicates that you think it's not that many and the wink and smile lead people to believe you are happy and not completely bitchy and overwhelmed all the time.

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Jenn said...

I've fallen off the face of the earth apparently and didn't know you were expecting. Congratulations. And you are beautiful, pregnant, fat, throwing up--- whatever--- you are still fabulous!

Dave'sWife said...

OMG! This might be your funniest yet! You had me at Triple Dipper. And for the record you are NOT fat!

Anonymous said...

you are awesome!

Jen said...

This is hilarious! I LOVE IT! I will start my own for the correct questions/answers for mulitples/same sex twins. I will talk to you later about that, as soon as my phone freaking charges!!

Anonymous said...



Daisygirl said...

haha, too funny! I could have used a website for fat pregnant ladies....I was the worst preggo person ever...ate everything in site!

The Sports Mama said...

You could just always tell them that you'll stop when the Duggars do... after all, you have some catching up to do to get to their numbers.... :)

Congrats again!

jayna said...

i'm looking forward to all the answers you come up with to all those questions... :) i will definitely stay tuned!

Casey said...

lol, I agree plus size maternity clothes are HORRIBLE! old navy started carrying plus-size maternity and they offer 3 horrible shirts and a dress or two. gee, what a selection. I dont have 6 kiddo's but I know about the fat part! & your right,,everyone is on a diet, so I feel like I should be too.. since I am the biggest one in the family. cant I just love who I am, and cant people just be ok with me? :) when your hubby still thinks your the hottest mama around then your great just as you are! :) p.s. go for the new cute high quality stuff. in case this is your last baby, enjoy every moment!

Kyle said...

Are they all yours? ya peytons gotta prepare for the "you've got a big responsibility

Adrienne said...

Oh, I totally know an awesome plus-size pregnancy site! I'm on my phone now but I'll link you later.

Janeen said...

Yea, it's not fun announcing that you're pregnant to your kids when they are old enough to know exactly how it happened...mine were really grossed out! One asked his dad why he didn't "use protection?" But I think you are so lucky to be having another baby...I wish I were! But the sick part is the worst! I'd love to bring you a beverage. Dr. Pepper, right?

Kista said...

Oh My HECK!! Where were you when this Big Mama was pregnant with her 7th!!?? So funny and I know how you feel :)

Becky said...

Julie! Congratulations! I am finally catching up with blogs now that my kids are in school. I think the one thing I love about being pregnant is that when people look at you (you know the classic look at stomach first and than your eyes), I can say "Yes I am pregnant!" instead of "No, I just have 6 kids and haven't lost weight (and might not!)." Good luck with the morning (ha ha I always call it day sickness) sickness!

Mamarazzi said...


you said it all perfectly!

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