Thursday, August 5, 2010

which is worse?

let's play a game.

i list two things and you pick which is worse and comment...sounds fun right?

which is worse? #1

A. a nostril cold sore

B. a zit in your ear

which is worse? #2

A. cleaning up poop?

B. Cleaning up Vomit?

which is worse? #3

A. a scorpion in your house?

B. a cockroach in your house?

which is worse? #4

A. Getting caught in a lie?

B. Getting caught gossiping?

which is worse? #5

A. Being fat?

B. Being ugly?

which is worse? #6

A. feeling tired?

B. feeling thirsty?

which is worse?#7

A. being tickled?

B. someone laughing at your expense?

which is worse? #8

A. meeting someone for the first time?

B. seeing someone you don't really like over and over again?

Which is worse? #9

A. sitting next to someone who sings off key?

B. singing off key and sitting next to someone with a beautiful voice?

which is worse? #10

A. false compliments?

B. brutal honesty?

last one...

Which is worse?

A. a kid racing down the aisle with a Mohawk and battle axe?

B. a kid hiding in the racks scaring unsuspecting shoppers?

ok. now comment. it's fun.

wonder what my answers are? check 'em out in the comment section. and while you are there...

humor me and make my day! ;)


check out Pierce's new FULL MOHAWK.

he looks like a little hellion right?

so on his birthday I took him shopping alone at Tarjay, where he picked out a glorious new toy and some assorted other delights that took his fancy.

well at one point he took off running ahead of me waving his AMAZING NEW foam battle ax (from the dollar bin no less) hauling down the main aisle away from me. He raced past old ladies and families with well behaved children, all i could do was follow behind him while they gave me dirty looks.

Don't get me wrong i'm used to dirty looks for any number of reasons, but this day he totally fit the image of wild child, in fact i thought it was dang cute, but I was ready, if anyone said anything to me, I was all set with my reply, "HEY, at least you don't have to take him home and live with him."

He also enjoyed hiding in racks and jumping out and scaring people (roaring) as they walked by. most people just giggled at him, he thought it was a good time. I was too tired to stop him from his 4 year old antics. it just wasn't worth the fight.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

Which is worse?

1. nostril cold sore. oy i have one right now and it's killing me.

2.vomit. poop is poop. vomit makes me vomit.

3. cockroach. grody.

4. gossiping. i hate getting caught and i rarely lie. i just don't bother.

5. being ugly is worse. of course i say that because i'm fat. not ugly.

6. feeling thirsty is the worst. i need a beverage handy at all times.

being tickled. i hate it. my kids love to attack me and hear me squeal.they tickle between my toes and behind my knee and it's pure torture. plus i'm used to people laughing at me. i come from a big family.

8. seeing people i don't like over and over. sure i get nervous about meeting someone for the first time but it's only the first time once. and they are probably nervous too.

9. sitting next to someone who sings off key. if they are off key, i'm more likely to just not sing for lack of ability to overcome without being obvious about it.

10. both? yeah. i am not a fan of false complimenters, but brutal honesty is not my fave either. i guess worse is a false compliment at least you know where you stand with an honest person. i don't give false compliments EVER. either i like it or i say nothing. otherwise i use tact if asked directly. with a kid at all is the worst. waiting until the day of to get birthday gifts super sucks too. and the yelling at strangers is probably my least fave. no wait running away is. sigh.

Nani Udall said...

Definitely zit in the ear. My sister got a wicked one in her ear canal. By the time it ruptured (yes ruptured) on its own, it drained toward her ear drum and created the nastiest ear infection I have ever seen. Totally weird and random right?

7- I'm fine with both,

11- I live with that exact situation too often. If I let myself care I would cry, so therefore I don't.

Audrey said...

1- both
4-b, i hate liars so i try really hard to never lie!
5-b who sets the standard for ugly!?
6-a I am always tired and it is not fun
7-neither one bugs me
8-b for sure
9-I don't ususally sing so it doesn't matter
10-a the liar thing again
11- I would have to say a because I have all girls and I hope they never get a mohawk! lol ;)
this was fun, do more!

tammy said...

cold sore


scorpion - they hurt! Blaine was literally on his butt in pain all day after getting stung.

probably gossip



hmmm....I guess tickled.

meeting someone

singing off key

brutal honesty

c. depends on the kid and what kind of mood I'm in

Carie said...

Bet you have been waiting for my comment, your wish is my command.

1. Nose of course, I can live with the zit

2. Vomit of course, especially all in the car seat and crevices of the car, and middle of summer, oh and when husband tried to help and starts to vomit himself
oh and I HATE the word vomit!!!

3. Are you kidding me? Like it's even a question!

4. Ok, see here's the thing...I never get caught in my lies because I am that good! score!

5. Being ugly is so much worse! Show some boobage and everyone will forget your fat, no one will forget if you are ugly.

6. Neither really bothers me, I enjoy torturing myself either way!

7. See no one better be laughing at my expense or I might have to get mean and nasty, and being tickled might actually lead somewhere, I'm just sayin.

8. Seeing someone for the first time because see maybe they are not what you expected in your mind and then you will be forced to live with the second choice and see them over and over again, even if you ended up hating them, hey see ya next Thursday for lunch k!

9. Since I have a beautiful voice I will have to go with judging someone who can't sing. Sorry, just call them as I see them.

10. Well, I am sorta a hypocrite here. I hate false idiot compliments. Despise them, but I adore being brutally honest with someone just to do it and get an awesome reaction from it!

11. Well now, let's see brutal honesty or false compliment time?
Kidding of course! Your child's Mohawk is so delightful btw, the teacher's will love him extra now, so good job, but if he jumped out and scared me in a store I might be forced to give him a dirty look until I saw it was your child then I would just consider the source and laugh and realize you rock!

HEY that's my statement about my own Hellion...HEY, at least you don't have to take him home and live with him! People are usually pretty stokes about this fact!!!

Mama T. said...

1. Nostril cold sore
2. vomit
3. scorpion
4. lie
5. fat - you can cover up ugly with makeup
6. tired
7. someone laughing at my expense. I just punch the ticklers in the face.
8. B. Hate having to fake niceness with people I don't like
9. A. When someone sings off key it hurts my throat. But I don't mind because I think all should sing no matter how they sound.
10. False compliments are worse because you can see through them. I like brutal honesty, maybe not at the moment it's given but it is more helpful.
11. I've not had either of the store experiences but I do remember once my sister took both of my young kids to the mall. My 4-year-old boy ran away from her and she chased after him in the mall yelling 'trip him, trip him' to anyone who would listen.

Mamarazzi said...

1. A *ouch*
2. B
3. B where this is ONE there are many more you can't see.
4. A not much worse. i won't say anything about someone i would say to their face, which is harder than it sounds.
5. B diets are cheaper than plastic surgery LOL
6. B
7. B
8. B
9. A i always hope people don't think it is me. i am vain like that.
10. A there are lots of fabulous things about me, pick one and mean it.
11. both sound hilarious.

The Glenns said...

You are funny. I shouldn't gossip. It's bad. I hate scorpions. I sing off key, and I am always embarrassed about it. I probably have an eating disorder because I worry too much about weight. I am always tired, always thirsty. I am honest, maybe not brutal, but sometimes. And now it's 6:45 and I am late. You make me laugh. Have a good first day of school. I hate that day.

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