Monday, August 9, 2010

it's down to the wire.

at some point along the way back to school has turned into an endurance race.

racing from one point to another with minor breaks here and there.

maybe it's the hoard of kids i'm getting ready. or maybe I've just procrastinated too much to the end , and I know it's because i lack the energy, but now it's down to the wire.

i can't even describe the insanity but maybe i'll try later.

i'm off to do last minute school shoe shopping and tonight i'll master the school supply aisle.

2 days.

wish me luck

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Jen said...

Good luck! I have been out today too braving the chaos of all the other last minute shoppers! I am hitting Walmart sometime tonight too!

The Glenns said...

Hey, I just read some older posts, and congrats on the pregnancy. Tons of people have 6, but not so many with 7. It's kind of a scary number. I never believed in being even. It sounds TOO perfect, and perfect doesn't really exist.

You are a trooper. Let's meet sometime. It can be awkward. And if it's weird, we will probably run into eachother all over town.

I survived my last pregnancies on Cliff bars. I would wake up at 3 or 4 am and eat one in my bed just so by 6am I wasn't puking my guts out and I could manage to get kids out the door. And then I ate Cliff bars all day long. Weird, but the protein helped with the nausea.

And it's a blessing.....disguised in puke and insanely fatigued....but still good.

jayna said...

good luck! i hope you find everything you are looking for super fast. so you can go home, grab a beverage, and kick your feet up. :)

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