Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pink clouds and cotton candy sunsets

The other day I facebooked about my love of pink clouds and cotton candy sunsets

my blog friend from Utah asked if i was transported into my own version of a willy wonka movie?

while people from AZ clicked like on my status, knowing exactly what i was talking about.

so when my little kids drew my attention to sunset on Friday night, sharing my love of pink clouds and cotton candy sunsets. I had to snap a few pictures.

play the song. while you bask in the deliciousness.

I've always assumed everyone enjoyed sunsets like these...but apparently not. what does your sunset look like?

the view of the end of my street.

looking out my front door.
look, i got the airplane AND the fingernail moon.
over my neighbors house.

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CassiB said...

one of my fave things about living where i do!!

The Lamps Family said...

It's sunsets like those that remind me why I love living in Arizona!

KayDee said...

Love the pics. Love the sunsets we have here. Nothing like them.:)

jayna said...

it's true, aint no where else that has sunsets like az. and i've been around enough to know that. utah has some pretty sunsets, but we have too many mountains. ;)

gorgeous pictures. i miss those...

Nancy Pitney said...

I'm impressed that you were able to capture the colors so well. The sunsets are always so beautiful and when I try to take a picture, they never seem to do justice. We may have to deal with 110 degree temperatures, but we do get great sunsets!

Mamarazzi said...

pretty,,,when the sky gets red here we like to say "the angels are baking"

Sarah said...

you just made me remember how much i loved arizona sunsets.

nothing like that here in seattle. there's really no "sunset" when the sun is blocked out by clouds 9 months a year. its either gray, or its dark.

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