Monday, September 13, 2010

things are moving right along


2 trailers full of stuff got hauled over and unloaded at the new house.

the kids got to swim twice.

my rad sister let Pierce come spend the day so we could work on the unloading and arranging of the stuff , without worry of mr. sneaky pants heading out to the pool. or onto the balcony.

apparently Pierce locked Peyton outside on the Balcony and it was "awhile" before he was discovered. not delightful.

things are moving right along. and this new house will be paradise for the herd.

-it has a perfect game room/loft.

-a rad backyard . with big trees and places perfect for fort building and fantasy tree houses.

-plus a balcony.

-we can't forget the pool.

I have a feeling we will be VERY popular next summer with friends and family.

moving is exhausting.

I confess I missed my trail of worker ants while hauling boxes out of the trailer and up the stairs.

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Laura said...

Glad to hear you are getting settled. I grew up with a pool from age 14 up and I loved it so much! The relief for you when you are moved in and settled will be amazing.

tammy said...

I know you will be loving the pool next summer!

andrea said...

So glad it's going....well?! Hope it continues so and you get settled. Do we get pics of the new place when you do? At least the highlights?!

Janeen said...

It will be so nice for you next summer to not have to drag your newborn out to the public pools! Take pictures of your new house. Sounds perfect...even though we will miss you in the neighborhood.

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