Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween parade 2010 -Ain't she Sweet?!

Here's Hope - She's a roaring 20's girl.

(because i had the thrift store hat) and I didn't have time to make the cat ears I'd planned on.

We threw on some pearls and started singing some ragtime music and it fit.

I'm thinking she needs a trim on her bob, or some finger waves, maybe a boa or a fur stole? and it could be even better.

this was Hope today in this years Halloween parade.

My siblings and I grew up listening to and singing along to the player piano and dancing the Charleston to this song-

Ain't she sweet? See her walking down that street.
Yes I ask you very confidentially, ain't she sweet?
Ain't she nice? Look her over once or twice.
Yes I ask you very confidentially, ain't she nice?
Just cast an eye in her direction, oh me oh my, ain't that perfection?
I repeat, well, don't you think that's kinda neat?
Yes I ask you very confidentially, ain't she sweet?

Wednesday night when we were throwing together this costume, grandma started singing
5 foot 2 Eyes of blue.
and thought we should teach Hope the Charleston.
(coincidentally she's our only blue eyed child)

Pics of the Halloween parade aren't complete without a shot of the hubs and Pierce watching.

it went fine today.
but i admit, i'm missing the old school. our friends. the block party where we all watched the school parade and knew lots of kids from church and took pics of my friends kids.

Poor Joy didn't get to dress up. this new school cuts the parading kids off at 2nd grade, not 3rd.
sometimes change is hard.

and darn it, we lost Hope's (MY) cheetah print hair flower sometime in the parade route.
it fit just right between the feathers on her hat.

I can make another one, but i'm sorta bummed I have to.

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Angela said...

I loved seeing you at the parade today!!! You looked FABULOUS and so did Hope!!

Piper said...

LOVE the Halloween parades! CUTE costume! I love those songs too. My mom really is 5'2", eyes of blue, so we sing that song alot too! And.... Pierce looks really big to me! I guess preparing to be a big brother will do that to ya!

Mamarazzi said... for real!! she is darling! when you make yourself a cheetah flower make me one too. OK?thanks. ;)

Tracy said...

Cute photos. Love the hat. I've been gone,did I miss something?
Boy or girl??
I'm dying to know.

Renee said...

Hope all went well with the appointment yesterday. Your silence is worrisome out here in the blogosphere...

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