Friday, October 29, 2010

moments at midnight.

it's midnight. I'm awake.

one kid keeps tooting in her sleep.

another is sitting up while sleeping.

another smacks his lips while sleeping.

The hubs breathes rather loudly. all. the . time.

I am craving chili. and stew. not at the same time. but within the last week. it's been that kind of weather here. cold enough i want warm you from the inside out food.

Today is the DAY! (ultrasound day!) i can't wait. and yet my appointment is not until 2:40 which means I'm going alone to the ultrasound.

someone has to pick the kids up from school.

and there isn't enough room in the ultrasound room to all go.

plus it's supposed to be "quiet" . like that could ever happen with everyone in the room. i mean these people are sleeping and it's not quiet.

the solution? i go alone.

i took whatever time slot they could give me. and this is the time I was given. I'm not picky.

and I can't wait!

neither can the kids. tonight Joy said, "I hope the baby isn't crisscross applesauce and upside down again."

me too.

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tammy said...

2:40? That's a long time to make us wait!

Amy said...

I can't wait to see what you're having. I will be stalking you today. LOL!

You seriously make me laugh on a daily bases. I love it! I have chili in my fridge come on over and it's homemade. Is there store bought chili? JK!

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