Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rad/Not Rad -Feeling compelled to qualify it.

RAD-I currently refer to the cupcake as "the tie breaker".

RAD-I've taken to rounding up on the months prego i am. (like it makes a difference to anyone anyway.)

RAD-then i qualify it with, "this is my #7." (when they raise their brows at how far along i am not, and yet appear to be considerably further along than i actually am.)

RAD-i'd rather them think i'm an idiot for having 7 kids . than think i'm HUGE and what the heck, there are 5 months to go?

RaD/Not Rad- then since i have no clue if or when my insurance crap will get figured out. i just tell people it's a boy. it feels like a boy.

Besides they won't know or give a rats about the truth, it's just small talk anyway.

Rad- when i get bigger and people really start asking alot i'm gonna say it's twins and I'm due next month. because they won't have a freaking clue and i won't have to qualify anything. (i never do that but always feel like i want to.)


Rad-the hubs and I went out last night. we had a free meal card for Costa Vida.

Rad-another cheap date.

Rad-I looked like this.

(note the baby bump)

I Fb statused this while in line.

Crazymamamof6 Oh costa vida. You never cease to be filled with people of the Mo-tastic religion on a Saturday night. There is a sea of white shirts and disapproving looks tonight. Rad.

Yesterday at 7:37pm

and when people asked what that was all about...
I replied with...

Visible Cleavage of this caliber just can't be appreciated by white shirted men for fear of their wives withholding eternally. The pin-up make up is fully disapproval worthy by dowdy plain women who can't seem to apply liquid eyeliner or lipstick at the same time. So essentially I looked like a painted hussy in the eyes of the bulk of the customers there tonight. I rocked it. I heart costa vida sweet pork salad.

some people might think i should just cover up. and to them, I flip the bird.
besides nothing vital was showing.


RAD-best part about being a fat lady that is prego, I still fit in all my jeans. we'll see how long it lasts. shirts are another matter entirely. good thing tunics are in.

RAD- my dresses, just hang off the top so i look more prego and less lumpy in a dress than i do in jeans. dresses are more comfy anyway. i ♥ dresses.


Not Rad-um. i discovered where they actually say the middle name of each and every kid! at church when they read your membership into the ward ( ward= congregation decided by geographic location)

Not Rad-today they rattled off all 8 of us. it seemed to last forever. and i'm beginning to rethink the middle name for a boy only because how would they pronounce XVIII? (that's 18 in Roman Numerals for those that don't quite understand, it's only funny if you know my last name. and it happens to be the planned middle name for a boy flavored cupcake)

Rad-we also happened to make it to the WHOLE FREAKING BLOCK at church (3 freaking hours),

Rad- we were early enough to get there before church started. (you should be impressed)

Rad- amazingly the whole herd impressed everyone sitting nearby, close enough to see that they were well behaved.

Rad-we have no idea how that miracle even happened.

Not Rad- we haven't been to the whole block ALL YEAR LONG. it's October. closer to the end than the beginning now.

Rad-Then, i did my new calling and i was shocked to discover it isn't everyone else's dream calling. SHOCKED I TELL YOU!

Rad-it's a dream come true for me. Library lady. PURE AWESOME!

Rad/Not Rad-everyone already seems to have taken note of who we are, I however, will struggle to meet everyone and recall who is who.

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Cynthia said...

Ahhh, I knew we were kindred spirits. I haven't made a 3 hour block all year either. Does it REALLY have to be a marathon? Next week we're going to try for the whole time but only because it's the Primary Program.

Your Costa Vida story had me laughing- you look AWESOME!

Tracy said...

You look beautiful!! Do you know people pay big $$ to have cleavage like that? Be proud!!

Mama T. said...

You're the bomb - dot - com! I love your personality. I love your look! I love your sassy - assy ness. I love that you don't give a rat's sassy-assy what anyone else thinks. You go girl!

Mamarazzi said...

ummm the XVIII is wicked awesome, i KNOW your last name and you really need to do it!!

and i said it on FB and i will say it again. I STRONGLY disapprove of your picture, that's how much i love it! tee hee.

i love your Rad/Not Rad posts!

The are most def RAD!

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