Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This just made my day!

I ♥ Neon Trees.

if you like a band you can sing along with. A Band that is delicious to look at.

Has awesome beats and moves and FUN live shows.

this is it.

I confess, I've never ever been one to want to visit Utah.

until now.

seriously. just for this bands shows. now i suddenly envy friends that live there. because they could go to a show there. sigh.

Joy has a mad crush on the band and has me committed to taking her to the next show that they come in town for.

she knows all the words. she draws pics of the band. she is 8.

what is she gonna be like when she's a teenager? OY! she already had me scared but even more so now.

she's totally groupy material.

let's face it , so am I.

I was pretty sure Pierce was going to be Tyler Glenn (the lead singer) for Halloween.

I'd just shave his head and color his when I color mine. and WHALAH!

that was my plan anyway. I'm pretty sure he's all set to be something lame like Iron man or something.

anyway. just thought i'd share.

This just made my day a little brighter.

'cuz before this. i was um napping and then woke up letting expletives fly about the process and the shiz, and the hoops. and the ugly reality.

so now. i can be calm. collected and go back to the day to day crap like laundry, and cooking and other delights I've been putting off while i wallowed in my funk.

it's a miracle i don't wallow more. really. It would be understandable don't you think?

i tell the hubs this all the time.

today he didn't see it.

i feel the bird about to take flight again.

I'd better go back to 1983. a few more times.

P.S. today would have been the big day. (for the ultrasound of my devil or diva)

instead i wait. *sigh*

Oh and turns out i wasn't rounding up. i just didn't realize i was 5 months. stinkin' pregnancy brain.

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jayna said...

yes! i am going to go to their concert! ;) i guess that means you'll have to come here. ha ha ha. wish you could....

Amy said...

Great song! You know what surprised me the most about that video? HELLO 80's! It was something that I would have loved as a teenager. LOVE IT!

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