Sunday, October 3, 2010

somehow I keep overdoing it. weekend delights

weekend delights?

Friday night I had Halloween bunko at the Queen of Halloween's house! delightful! I won for highest score and picked a fabulous pumpkin decoration. perfect for all of fall and Halloween. yay!

Saturday we whipped this place into shape to be party ready for Liberty's 11th birthday part-ay (she turns 11 on Monday the 4th!).

I admit I was totally frantic and regretting saying yes to a friend party this soon after we moved into this house. boxes everywhere and bunko the night before. seriously what what I thinking?

but we managed to pull it off!

Liberty and 3 new friends crafted hair flowers and swam
(it was super late notice for the invites to go out)

They ate cake and candy to their hearts content and even put on a little show hanging on the wrong side of the railing. While the adults chatted in the kitchen clueless. (Joy recorded this good time.) and seriously this railing will be the bane of my existence.

Sunday? was free Sunday , so I decorated for Halloween a little. (not sure i love the swoopy boa in the middle)

and then I rested up. because somehow I keep overdoing it.

so much so that I hit the hay at 8:30 on Saturday night.

I cackled when I finally got this gem to upload.

they dig this song apparently.

I ♥ the conversation before it.

and I quote..."do you know if you fell from there you would be dead?"

and then Liberty went on with what I would say. in her best lecture tone.

then they have another go at the song.

I hafta say these are the sweetest girlies.

they totally tolerated and included the little kids in the party.

they can come back anytime because that is HUGE.

I really have a hard time with kids that come over to play but treat the other kids here shabbily.

some kids have no tolerance for little kids around. or boys.

here we include everyone.

and if you can't play nicely with the boys or little kids, you can't come back.

yup so that was the weekend. sheesh it sure flew by.


(and exhausting)

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Mamarazzi said...

seeeeeeeerious cuteness...this brings back sooo many memories of J and her BFF putting on show after show after much fun!!

Jen said...

Aren't you glad it is over?! But I am sure you are glad you did it. Rest up today too! I know it always takes me a few days to catch up on one really busy day. Love the Halloween Decor, lol I have a few of those same decorations ;)!

tammy said...

Awesome party. Glad she had fun. You are so nice to do it right after moving in. Connor loves to hang on the wrong side of the railing at his Grammy's house too.

Forgetfulone said...

I'm liking the boa! :-)

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