Monday, November 8, 2010

hot dates and catching up.

The hubs just asked me why the post at the top of the blog was from Friday November 5th.

um, because i haven't been on my computer all weekend?! yeah. I haven't even sat down at it since noon on Friday.

so to catch up on my thankful thoughts....

we'll go to my FB status' (that i can post from my cell phone)

Thankful day 5: the beater car and crazymama van and no car payments. They do the job getting us from point A to point B.

Thankful day 6: super thankful for jeans/clothes that can still make me feel attractive.

(I am so not ready to embrace the unflattering silhouette of maternity jeans. the comfy belly panel is rad, but the baggy in all the wrong places is not happening yet.)

so i busted out my virtual stretch skinny jeans and wore them low, and tada! way more flattering.

my Fb had this comment added:
The guy hitting on me today before he realized i was with my kids and pregnant didn't hurt either. ;-)

Quoting her kids..." i knew you were cooking broccoli, because it smelled like pooh!" Thankful day 7: a healthy sense of humor and people that make me laugh everyday of my life! Note: they all said that as they came down to demand a huge portion of steamed broccoli and fought about who got more. We ate a whole costco size bag in one meal.

Thankful Day 8: (i'm still thinking about it)

now for the weekend update -

the hubs and I went out on a double date with "the new neighbors." which was fun. we saw RED. which i didn't see many trailers for, so i wasn't totally hyped to see it beforehand, but realized i'd wanted to see it once i googled it.

it would have been slightly more awesome if i wouldn't have missed the twist in the climax at the end on a emergency field trip to the bathroom.

we hit coldstone afterward and i ventured away from my normal choice of something extra rich and gooey and picked something light and fruity. the berry frozen yogurt and a pink lemonade sorbet. which just looked good to me.

Saturday was crazytown.
the hubs had a scout field trip. with Paxton.

i took the older two kids to get their eyes rechecked after rockin' contacts for a week and got the go ahead to order some for them. (see thankful day 6 added comment ;) ) talk about a pick me up/mood brightener.

so Peyton and Liberty, are both contact lens wearers, now we have 2 11 year olds rocking contacts with the option of wearing glasses (just another thing to contribute to being tardy in the AM.)

today Liberty was in tears because she couldn't get hers in and Peyton ripped one after dropping it and picking it up one too many times this morning. good thing i bought some.


and the littles hung out with Grandma JoAnn while i was dealing with the big kids at the vision center.

By Saturday night, Pierce had thrown up and Paxton was complaining and on the verge. AWESOME.

when they fell asleep for the night we made a quick run, and went on a hot date!

you wonder where?
the hubs and I hit Walmart for the basic sick people sodas and a drive through Filibertos.

what can I say? I'm CLASSY and a cheap date. we were even riding in the beater car to make it extra HOT.

by Sunday morning the hubs was feeling grody with the same thing the kids had, and my sinus infection was flaring up, adding to my delightful daily dose of morning sickness.

so we stayed home.

anyway. now i'm all caught up. i know you are so thrilled i posted today.

Paxton just came home from school saying he doesn't feel well and told the nurse he was sick all weekend. he's pretty bummed this means he's grounded from the computer all day now. his options? read a book or take a nap or watch TV where i can't hear it.

Pierce is gone with Grandma JoAnn to play with cousins.

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Mamarazzi said...

J is loooooving wearing contacts. it took her a while to get use to putting them in and now she is a pro. i think watching me put mine in helped. then she watched her dad put his in and that also helped.

when she is with babymama she has 3 minutes to put both lenses in or she has to wear her glasses. threatening seemed to help too.

i guess whatever works to get the kid to school on time is a good thing.

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