Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I might have...

- choked on my own spit during the movie tonight.

-loved this line from MegaMind: Roxanne Ritchi: "[exasperated] Girls, girls, you're both pretty! Can I go home now! "

it seems i need to learn this line and use it daily. it would settle so many debates/fights between my girls.

- missed yet another climax in the movie we saw for family night. sheez.

- laughed uncontrollably when My sidekick brought a "water balloon" to the hubs to be tied off. it seems he found some handy hidden supplies in a drawer by the bed. the Reservoir tip was a dead giveaway. no worries peeps, it was a new "water balloon" in the wrapper that he opened no doubt thinking it was candy or something. but "water balloons" are even better than candy.

conversation pieces...something to comment about. seriously i really wanna know.

what have you seen recently?

where do you like to sit in the theater?

heartburn? did it plague you during pregnancy? ever?

have your kids ever found your stash of "waterballoons"?

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Audrey said...

love the water balloons! I just have to say about the tardies, we have a bunch too! every thursday because we have in home therapy and they still mark us tardy! I could care less and I let the school know it too! (yes I am the hooch mother!) Don't sweat it, you are a good mom and I know about the meds too, but thankfully we only have 2 on them. Morning and night! isn't it fun! congrats on your baby and thanks for the birthday wishes, this is the first time I could comment because my computer has been wacky!

Nani Udall said...

The heartburn was horrific! I still have the supplies from the last pregnancy for that if you want.

jayna said...

saw social network. loved it. made me want to get off facebook. ha ha ha. i like to sit middle center of the theater and i like the theater to be SPARSE. just sayin.

never get heartburn. my family suffers from it though, pregnant or not.

Nancy Pitney said...

I was on prilosec my whole pregnancy. I tried to go off it after morning sickness was over, but the heartburn was still there. It's safe to take while your pregnant. Don't believe people when they tell you to drink more milk or stuff like that. Just take the pills--they work awesome and their fairly cheap.

Haven't been to the theaters since "Date Night", which was the funniest movie I've seen in years. Sorry!

Jen said...

We haven't seen a movie since Inception I think. Ugh on the heartburn it is my constant companion, my medication makes it "bareable" most of the time.

Mama T. said...

Toy Story 3 with my mom, sister and nephew. Mom pretended to be drinking her water when she was really crying at the end of the movie.
I just puked everything up the whole time during my pregnancies. If anything stayed down it turned into heartburn.
We always sit stage left, about 15 rows up and my husband gets the end chair.
My second year of teaching middle school, we came back to class from an assembly and one of my students had put a 'water balloon' in my desk drawer. No it wasn't in the package. I held it up and said, with a very matter-of-fact tone, "Did someone lose this?" My students were totally taken aback. They thought for sure I would freak out. Hee hee.

Mamarazzi said...

i am dying over the "water balloon" hilarious!!

we saw Due Date this weekend and Saw last weekend...Due Date was hilarious, wrong wrong wrong and super funny. like totally inappropriate. Saw was the usual gross mind game.

I like to sit in the row that has the bar section for wheel chairs below it. i like to put my feet up. The hubz MUST be on my left, always.

heartburn? pregnancy? YES please, i will take both if they must come together.

J asked about condoms a few months ago when her friends were talking about finding them in their mom's rooms. J didn't know what they were talking about. i showed them to her and she said, "OH, rubbers!"

LOL hello 1965 called...


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