Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday 13 -confessions of the random variety.

Day 4- Feeling thankful for modern conveniences like A/C (it still runs daily here), electricity. washing machines, dishwashers , cell phones. computers. DVR. indoor plumbing.

1- I just watched Neon Trees on Live with Regis and Kelly.

(i don't normally watch anything other than Noggin, Nick Jr. or the Hub. )

so the adult daytime talk show had me cackling quite a bit.

2- when Neon Trees came on, I (ALMOST) peed my pants in the

excitment, and it only partially had anything to do with me

holding it too long. I was super excited.

3- i hardly touched the halloween candy this year. i didn't buy

ANY chocolate. no Reeses PB cups. no butterfingers. no snickers, milkyway or twix.

this is so unlike me.

the kids offered to share and i refused.

again not like me. it seems this year chocolate and I

have had to break up for the duration. it's not really a bad thing. and yet.

it feels so wrong. but i haven't been ill from consuming candy, which is the alternative.

it's just not worth throwing up for a mini candy bar is it?

4- i have a certain need a few days a week where I HAVE TO

consume an energy drink to survive. my latest boyfriend is a


5- randomly enough I'm dying to go purchase clearance candy.

the good stuff.

Hoping i'll get a craving and therefore be able to stomach the sugar.

if i can't well then i'll be all set for something else.

6. i bought HUGE delightfully cute lollipops that no one is

allowed to consume for my decorative jars.

i didn't even put them in the jars i bought them for.

but i won't let anyone eat them either. i'm saving them for next year.

they are DANG CUTE!

7. i don't wanna dismantle my halloween mantle it's so freaking

cute this year {even though no one saw it}. i'm skipping fall and

going straight to Christmas.

8. i voted yes on the prop to pass Medicinal Marijuana.

(don't judge me)


PS how many meds are there out there that are way stronger?

LOADS. thank goodness for modern medicine. but i figure if someone needs to smoke a little maryjane to survive the effects of Chemo. let them do it.

9. i might have casually harassed my hubs across the voting

booth to

"give me the answers"

on his ballot, and then didn't have alot of the same

answers as him, (when he finally gave in)

apparently we should have discussed voting on the way there

as opposed to on the way to lunch after.

10. the kids hall bathroom is a flipping nightmare. i just went in there.

HOLY CRUD. towels everywhere. kleenex all over. soap wasted.

KIDS! it's possible we might have one bathroom too many.

11. I believe certain people should cut me some slack because I

am the only one capable of growing this baby.

(which some days is sucking the life right out of me)

this means the hubs should not be able to mock or complain

about my lack of cooking or laundry doing. he should also back

off the making fun of how often i have to go to the bathroom.

12. I believe plastic forks are as essential to running a happy

household as toilet paper is. also paper bowls, plastic cups, and paper plates.

we are so not "GREEN."

13. i sat down on the leather couch in the loft for the first time today. it was very comfy.


hope you have a rad thursday!

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Mamarazzi said...

wow...i don't even know where to start.

i think i need a nap now.

oh it might make you feel better to know that i just went into J's room for the first time in months and was SHOCKED to find a huge mess. yes, OCD kid. crazy bananas.

we have kept all of the bedroom doors closed while potty training the puppy and today i had to go in there to put a letter on her bed and it was like walking into another world.

the other day she said, "man i need to find time to clean my room"

i guess High School has her busier than i realized.

is it bad that i just spend 2 hours cleaning it for her?

i need help.

Amy said...

Laughed out loud at the part where you harassed the hubs when voting. I did that one year and we got in trouble! They said if we kept talking that they could throw out our votes. They really shouldn't let ornery old people be volunteers. This year I printed out the ballot, circled who he should vote for, and sent him on his happy way. But before you think he's one of those puppy hubby's who does what he's told, he's sooooooo not. He just hadn't had time to pay attention to the candidates and he took my word on who he should vote for.

I never have to think about medicinal marijuana because I live in Utah and I'm sure I'll never have to worry about it ;)

Look, I wrote a novel just for you!!!

jayna said...

ooohh, this one will be fun to post on. it like an interactive post. :)
1. I saw the Neon Trees here the night before they were on Regis and Kelly. It was funny to see Brandon (the bass guitar player that is a friend of mine) be harassed for autographs. that is the first time i've seen them live and it was great! that tyler glenn moves like the grinch. hilarious.

2. i got nothin for this one.

3. twix, snickers, milkyway, reeses pb cups and butterfingers are my faves too!!! shhhh, don't tell anyone that i threw a bunch away here at work. i can't have that kind of temptation around.

4. never had an energy drink before, but caffine does nothing for me. can't feel a bit of difference... glad to hear it works for you!!

5. mmm. clearance candy.

6. take pictures of the lollipops!! would love to see them.

7. someday, maybe i'll decorate for the holidays. any holiday. right now my thought is, what goes up must come down. ugh.

8. i'm with ya. there are some drugs that are way worse.

9. how fun to have someone to vote with!

10. sounds like a party happened in there.

11. never had a kid, personally. but i do think i would agree!!

12. green is not only overrated, i totally think it's a hoax. you have the numbers to warrant paper/plastic mealtime utensils.

13. love me a comfy sofa.


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