Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rad/ not Rad plus my daily thankful day 3.

Rad/not rad.

Rad- this button. i recolored it blue since i'm officially now all about the blue cupcake color scheme.

Rad- feeling Patriot(#7) move all the time now.

Not rad- still feeling pukey.

Rad- fabulous evening out at bunko

Rad- winning 2 fabulous headbands from Mimi @mimi made. and i'm even gonna trade one for a special crazymama inspired one. i can't wait. she's got a giveaway going on here so go. follow. enter. blog. tweet. FB. whatever. maybe you'll be a winner. that would be RAD.

Rad- have i ever mentioned that i think it's rad that people feel crazymama inspired. EVER. either craftwise. or otherwise. i mean how RAD is that? it's super rad. and totally unintentional.

rad- discovering that all my pregnant friends are equally uncomfortable earlier than ever before. it's too early to be this uncomfortable. knowing i'm not alone is the rad part.

rad- having babies when you are young. it gets harder the older you are.

rad- having another baby. feeling blessed every day, every time i feel him moving around.

not rad- HORMONES. sheesh i cry easily these days.

Rad- a free beverage for voting.

Rad-afternoon naps.

daily thankful? day 3? my herd, my hubs and my floaty baby.

my life would not be the same without all of them. as uncomfortable and exasperating all of the above can be. i feel blessed to have them all. I wouldn't have the herd without my hubs. I couldn't do it all alone without his help and support (well i probably could but it wouldn't be near as fun). and I'm darn excited about this wiggly wild baby joining the herd. yup, i'm blessed. it's rad.

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Mamarazzi said...

the button is seriously RAD!!

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