Tuesday, November 2, 2010

unwilling to accept defeat while i find something everyday to be grateful for.

sometimes you just have to/ want to admit defeat.

today i'm SOOOOOOOO ready to throw in the towel. life gets you down. it's hard to find the good in the day or the week , or sometimes you have to admit OH MY HECK THIS WHOLE YEAR KINDA SUCKED!

and yet there is this little microscopic part of me that just can't do it.

i mean sure i ache all over. the house is a mess. the kids have been tardy too often. every morning is a battle and a war zone. every day we get closer to Christmas i worry a little more.

when is enough enough?

so with this little microscopic will to fight that I have left in me, i am going to find something everyday to be grateful for. for this month and probably through the end of the year.

i'll post it as a status on facebook too (I started yesterday)

Day one- Modern Medicine- namely the antibiotics for the wicked sinus infection i'm cruising. but other years it's been advanced medical testing, cancer treatments, and antidepressants.

Day 2- food in my pantry. warm food in my belly (thanks mom for the delivery of a pot of stew that i'd been craving for over a week since i caught this ugly cold and the weather turned chilly).

wanna play along?

do it. they say the best therapy sometimes is not to focus on what's wrong in your life but to find something everyday that blesses you.

something to be Grateful for.

sure it's easy to remember to do for just one day (Thanksgiving) or the whole month of November.

right this second i am trying to be thankful for the opportunity to go wipe my sidekicks butt.

for all the love that little guy shows me, this little service is the least i can do.

play along. see how it blesses your life.

hugs and gratitude for your friendship and readership.

oh yeah and don't forget to exercise your right to vote today.

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Cara said...

Love it♥ my kitchen is a pit and my house is a mess....I too have no energy and do-not-want-hell-month to come yet. I'm not ready!! I'll try and post thankful things even when I don't feel thankful. Here's mine - bunko tonight!

Nani Udall said...

Thank you for this post!

Erin said...

such an awesome idea...i am thankful for my three loads of clean unfolded laundry! better than no clothes at all! thanks for inspiring us all! much love and blessings from ga~ erin


andrea said...

Thank you.

After a nice breakdown this morning and a heck of a lecture, I needed to read this. I need to find my will, suck it up, and remember to be grateful for my many blessings and FOCUS on that instead of the few things that aren't going my way.

Thank you. You are fantabulous.

J-ME said...

LOVE IT!! i really do! What a great idea- and i'm gonna do it! :)

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