Sunday, December 5, 2010

hey mom, your belly looks like that lady

tonight while on my friend's blog Pierce told me , "hey mom, your belly looks like that lady."
he was referring to her green copy of this image. (just to be clear i copied her in the first place)


today the hubs was complaining about his dress shirt feeling small in the arms.

i said hmm, well everything of mine is feeling feeling small and ill fitting. hmmm.
wonder why?

sadly it includes my my shoes.

i have some ROCKIN' cankles. and this protrusion in the front of my stomach area is sorta hard and getting in my way.

someone recently pointed out it jiggles when i giggle and it may have been compared to santa's. TOTALLY flattered for sure.

I still have a nude tree. but the fresh balsam plug in deal-y does the trick on making it smell like i have a real tree instead of a fake one.

did I mention i went to get another matching stocking and dagnamit they (the store where i originally purchased my 8 matching stockings) switched it up this year. i did realize though i have mine and the hubs, maybe i'll just get us new coordinating ones and have one spare pink one too.

i want to master making funeral potatoes. it seems i need to practice.

i have loads of dessert left over from bunko friday night and no desire to eat any of it.

it's funny i have no desire or tolerance for anything sweet.

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Jen said...

LOL my kids (aka including Jeff) make fun of my "bowl full of jelly" all the time. And as I was getting ready for Bunko Gavin came into the bathroom and saw me showering, stopped mid sentance and started to point and laugh, great morale booster there!! I don't have much tolerance for sweets either, ice cream here and there now but that is about it.

jayna said...

you have no desire or tolerance to eat anything sweet?!??!? wow. i'm trying to imagine what that would be like. maybe i'll have to get pregnant to see? i love that you want to master making funeral potatoes... wish i was there and we could master it together!!!

miss you... i will send this little treat soon. just need to get it in a box and get my trash to the post office...


ps. balsam plug ins are the best!!

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